The Washington Post - Jun 25 2017

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Clues Answers
'Baloney!' PSHAW
'Blue Sky' Oscar winner LANGE
'Far from Heaven' actor QUAID
'How to Succeed ... ' composer Frank LOESSER
'I knew it!' AHA
'In Search of Lost Time' novelist PROUST
'Lolita' (1962) actress SUELYON
'Not gonna happen, lassie' NAE
'Peanuts' fussbudget LUCY
'Right on!' IHEARYA
'This is horrible!' OHNO
'Today' weather anchor ALROKER
'__ Death': Grieg work ASES
'__ takers?' ANY
16th-century date MDL
Activity-tracking letters GPS
American rival: Abbr UAL
Aspiring therapist's maj PSY
Barely beat EDGED
Baseball mascot partner reintroduced in 2013 MRSMET
Bath buggy PRAM
Being in debt OWING
Bing result URL
Blow away AMAZE
Brat's output SASS
Breakfast pastry DANISH
Budget choice CAR
Bun contents HAIR
Burial isle of many Scottish kings IONA
California prison town SANQUENTIN
California's state bird QUAIL
Charlotte __ RUSSE
Christmas strands TINSEL
Clyde cap TAM
Dana of 'Body of Proof' DELANY
Dieter's setback GAIN
Dot follower ORG
Egg source HEN
Eldest Dashwood daughter in 'Sense and Sensibility' ELINOR
Ersatz fat brand OLEAN
Escapes slowly SEEPS
Everglades bird EGRET
Executed DID
False impression FACADE
Fill to the brim SATE
Future sound? LONGU
Give up the single life WED
Glob WAD
Golden Triangle country LAOS
Golf phenom Jordan SPIETH
Granite excavation site STONEQUARRY
Granola cousin MUESLI
Happy hour offerings CANAPES
Heaps kudos on LAUDS
Help out AID
Historic Tuscan city PISA
Hosp. employees DRS
Hydrocarbon suffix ANE
In an imposing manner GRANDLY
In __ of LIEU
Inscribed tablet PLAQUE
Interpreter of signs SEER
Is for two? ARE
It begins in April SECONDQUARTER
It may be served with pickled ginger SUSHI
Jacob's twin ESAU
Jamie Lee Curtis or Fay Wray SCREAMQUEEN
Lake bordering Ontario ERIE
Latin ballroom dance TANGO
Legend in one's own mind TINGOD
Lemons DUDS
Clues Answers
Lidocaine brand ICYHOT
Like Beethoven's Piano Concerto No. 4 ING
Like grandfather clocks ANALOG
Living it up ONASPREE
Lizard with a 'third eye' IGUANA
Looks after TENDS
Lyon lover's word AIME
Mall handouts FLIERS
Mark Cuban's NBA team DALLAS
Masters strokes PUTTS
Medicare program offered by private insurers PARTC
Mil. roadside danger IED
Narcissist's problem EGO
Nation across the gulf from Somalia YEMEN
Netanyahu of Israel, familiarly BIBI
Order to attack SICEM
Pain reliever ANODYNE
Pancake shape DISK
Pennysaver revenue source ADSALE
Pielike veggie dish SPINACHQUICHE
Poetic measure METER
Poker pile CHIPS
Pool-heating option SOLAR
Port of 79-Down ADEN
Practical joke GAG
Prepared for a selfie SMILED
Prisoner's restraint LEGIRON
Pulitzer novelist James AGEE
Punk rock icon Smith PATTI
Quaint light GASLAMP
Remains in neutral IDLES
Response at the door ITSME
Review using stars RATE
Santa __ CLARA
Sch. with a Harrisburg campus PSU
Scout's accessory SASH
Seat at Churchill Downs SADDLE
Ski resort near Snowbird ALTA
Smooching on the bus, for short PDA
Some studios ATELIERS
Sophisticated URBANE
Squat beneficiary QUAD
Steamed state IRE
Strict STERN
Strong cotton PIMA
Summer in Provence ETE
Taylor of fashion ANN
Test for trivia fans SPORCLEQUIZ
Things on rings KEYS
Think highly of ESTEEM
Ticket for speeding, say CITE
Tin mints ALTOIDS
Tiny bits IOTAS
Titles of respect SIRS
Topps figure STAT
Trac II cousin ATRA
Volunteer's offer ICAN
Went for a bite? FISHED
Wharf workers' org ILA
What screen icons exude STARQUALITY
What some wallow in SELFPITY
Where to see slanted columns OPEDPAGE
Wikipedia entries BIOS
Windshield option TINT
Wish undone RUE
Words of resignation ITRIED
Yahoo! Finance offering STOCKQUOTE
__ à trois MENAGE
__ seeds: omega-3 source CHIA