New York Times - Jun 17 2017

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Clues Answers
'It's déjà vu all over again' speaker BERRA
'Jackpot!' IMRICH
'Vamoose!' BEATIT
'Would ___?' ILIE
About to explode MAD
Austrian treats STRUDELS
Barbershop staple from 'The Music Man' LIDAROSE
Believe BUY
Big character in children's literature BABAR
Bothered terribly TOREAT
Builders of the original Legoland DANES
Call of Duty tally DEATHS
Cartoon word often seen with a lightning bolt ZAP
Channel swimmer Gertrude EDERLE
Commonsensical PRAGMATIC
Day of doom, in Scandinavian mythology RAGNAROK
Destination proclamation WEMADEIT
Drawn-out campaign SIEGE
Dry runs, e.g TESTS
Early Mercedes-Benz racing car SILVERARROW
Equilibria STASES
Fats Domino's real first name ANTOINE
Fifth of eight parrying positions in fencing QUINTE
Flow stopper, of a sort TOURNIQUET
French anise-flavored liqueur PASTIS
Generates, with 'up' GINS
Goes for the bronze? SUNS
Group of 100 people SENATE
Historical name of the Iberian Peninsula HISPANIA
Kakuro calculation SUM
Clues Answers
Lead-in to méxico AERO
Leave en masse CLEAROUT
Meal maker? PESTLE
Memphis-to-Nashville dir ENE
One might be a 'n00b' AMATEUR
Ones putting down quadrels TILERS
Part of a merry refrain TRALA
Part of Sherlock Holmes's attire DEERSTALKER
Poet Sara who wrote 'I Shall Not Care' TEASDALE
Port on Ishikari Bay OTARU
Practice composition?: Abbr DRS
Preserves covers? LIDS
Put down hard BERATE
Reduce in force or intensity BATE
Runner's ___ (marathoner's woe) TOE
Sea seen from Ithaca IONIAN
Shaking like a leaf, maybe INTERROR
Shiraz setting IRAN
Sibling trio in 'Hamilton' SCHUYLERSISTERS
Skin-care brand AVEENO
Some pyramids, though not the ones at Giza TETRAHEDRA
SpaceX head Musk ELON
Ta-Nehisi who wrote the best seller 'Between the World and Me' COATES
They're high at M.I.T. and Stanford IQS
Title actress on Netflix's 'Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt' ELLIEKEMPER
Very much EVERSO
Wearying work schedule RATRACE
Whole note, to a Brit SEMIBREVE
___ bath SITZ
___ floresiensis (extinct 'hobbit') HOMO