Jonesin' - Jun 13 2017

Clues Answers
'2017: The Year for Animal Liberation' sponsor PETA
'How to Train ___ Dragon' YOUR
'I would give all my fame for a pot ___ and safety': Shakespeare's 'Henry V' OFALE
'Leaving Las Vegas' actress Elisabeth SHUE
'Look ___ this way ...' ATIT
'Orange' drink that's really black PEKOE
'Peer Gynt' dramatist Henrik IBSEN
'Rhapsody ___' INBLUE
'Shameless' blurb PLUG
'X-Men: Days of Future Past' star Berry HALLE
2010 Apple debut IPAD
45th American vice president GORE
African country just north of the equator GHANA
Airer of 'RuPaul's Drag Race' before it moved to VH1 LOGO
Andrew Marvell's '___ Coy Mistress' TOHIS
Announcement of when Alaska lands in Washington, e.g ETA
Bacteria in spinach recalls ECOLI
Barrier later renamed for Herbert Hoover BOULDERDAM
Be an ass in the lot, maybe DOUBLEPARK
Bought hook, line and sinker ATEUP
Boulangerie purchase LOAF
Bygone detergent with an apt brand name RINSO
City between Jacksonville and Tampa OCALA
Crack filler CAULK
Debtor's note IOU
Dies down EBBS
Ear, in German OHR
Embarrassing defeat ROUT
Episode summaries RECAPS
Feature on some Blu-Rays SUBTITLES
Game show option after The Banker makes an offer NODEAL
Garlicky dip for sweet potato fries, e.g AIOLI
Go bad, like kale WILT
Greek letters shaped like pitchforks PSIS
Her friends include a Backpack and Map DORA
Hosiery shade ECRU
Ingredient in some diaper rash creams ALOE
Clues Answers
It provides coverage ROOF
Jon's usual waitress, in 'Garfield' IRMA
Left like a tossed football? SPIRALLEDAWAY
Limp Bizkit frontman Fred DURST
Louvre Pyramid architect I.M PEI
Maladies ILLS
Martial art debuting as an Olympic event in Tokyo in 2020 KARATE
McCafe option MOCHA
Montreal steak seasoning? SEL
Move like a batch of homemade slime OOZE
MSNBC contributor Klein EZRA
National economic indicator, for short GDP
Neighborhood near Greenwich Village, slangily NOHO
No-good conclusion? NIK
Only U.S. state with a non-rectangular flag OHIO
Part of an M.O.? MODUS
Part of Q.E.D ERAT
Phrase before 'Move ahead' in 'Whip It' GOFORWARD
Poetic foot IAMB
Pouting countenances MOUES
Racquetball match, in a way? BATTLEOFWALLS
Retired NHLer Larionov whose nickname was 'The Professor' IGOR
Scraped elbow souvenir SCAB
Seize suddenly GRAB
Specialized slang LINGO
St. ___ Girl (German beer brand) PAULI
Taj Mahal location AGRA
Tony-winning Sweeney portrayer Cariou LEN
Vivacity BRIO
Weeping statue of Greek legend NIOBE
Willie of 'Eight Is Enough' and 'Charles in Charge' AAMES
With 44-Across, exasperated complaint about endless corridors? ANDTHEHALLS
Wright of 2017's 'Wonder Woman' ROBIN
Yearling, previously FOAL
___ gobi (Indian potato dish) ALOO
___Pen (injector for some allergic reactions) EPI