Universal - Jul 8 2010

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Clues Answers
"For pity's sake!" ALAS
"Gimme ___!" (start of an Iowa State cheer) ANI
"Itsy Bitsy ___ Weenie Yellow Polka Dot Bikini" TEENIE
"May ___?" (request to leave) IGONOW
"On the house" NOCHARGE
"Spring forward, fall back" abbr. DST
"There is no ___ team" IIN
"___ my brother's keeper?" AMI
"___ Pinafore" HMS
Accountant, briefly CPA
Adam's mate EVE
And others, in brief ETAL
Aunt of Prince Harry ANNE
Become compost ROT
Bedtime, for some TEN
Before, palindromically ERE
Billy the Kid slayer Garrett PAT
Boards, as a plane GETSON
Builder's area SITE
Capital of Oman MUSCAT
Costing nothing COMPLIMENTARY
Data, informally INFO
Deliberately avoid SHUN
Demonstrate clearly EVINCE
Depleted LOW
Dernier ___ (the latest fashion) CRI
Developmental disorder AUTISM
Drunkard SOT
Fight temptation RESIST
Got off ___ (avoided punishment) SCOTFREE
Grooved, as a muscle STRIATE
Heel type STILETTO
Kuwait potentate EMIR
Large gong TAMTAM
Clues Answers
Like a scab NONUNION
Like many rumors UNTRUE
Like some starfish arms REGROWN
Make a misstep ERR
Maximal suffix EST
Most parched DRIEST
Nation of Roma ITALIA
One of a deadly septet SIN
Overly bookish sort NERD
Paid athlete PRO
Prefix with "solve" or "respect" DIS
Prefix with "sphere" or "friendly" ECO
Regret deeply LAMENT
Roller-coaster feature LOOP
Rustic hotel INN
Second half of an audiotape SIDETWO
Some forensic evidence DNA
Some golf clubs IRONS
Some loaves RYES
Spike and Pinky LEES
Summons, as strength MUSTERS
Sunni counterpart SHIITE
Teenager's breakout ACNE
Thieves' work HEIST
Tiny amount SMIDGE
Tit for ___ TAT
Turns bad SPOILS
Visualize SEE
Withdrew formally REPEALED
Works from Wordsworth ODES
___ Aviv, Israel TEL
___ club (singing group) GLEE
___ culpa MEA
___ jail (imprisoned) SENTTO
___ so forth AND