The Guardian - Cryptic crossword No 27,217 - Jun 6 2017

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Clues Answers
A large number of handouts ordered THOUSAND
Bill's concerned with old tunic CHITON
Caught part of face a blow CLIP
Clumsy German, hurt when touring university GAUCHE
Composition arranged? No chance! CHACONNE
Demolish one in lead RUIN
Derive support from article in house that's new LEANON
Doctor led fraud? That's appalling! DREADFUL
Excited swimmer is eating continually FEVERISH
Export leader taken over? Invest! ENROBE
Find the solution for fish in river DECODE
Hammer old Bob put on shelf SLEDGE
Heathen in Italy often on the fiddle PAGANINI
Lunatic tore round island for sustenance NUTRIENT
Clues Answers
Naval officer briefly has love for humanity COMPASSION
Old Bob and Carol separated by rising ground SHILLING
Pass by the Spanish church feature ELAPSE
Pope rash to change punctuation APOSTROPHE
Quarrels about recipe for fish SPRATS
Sadly Carol joined a cult in summer CALCULATOR
Search about in tin SCAN
Sneak in late INFORMER
Soldier gets support for weapon RAPPED
Sparkling drink gets fragrance after a little work OPALESCENT
Study foremost field DOMAIN
Times editor's removed ERASED
Tiny bit of nasturtium eaten by shy rabbit CONY
Upset students making careless mistake SLIPUP