The Telegraph - CRYPTIC CROSSWORD NO: 28,443 - Jun 2 2017

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Clues Answers
An entrance's gemstones AGATES
Animal showing excessive hesitation OTTER
Any number in erudite mingling, as old students meeting each other again? REUNITED
Badly written stuff, a line from the Vatican PAPAL
Begin a fight after series of tennis games SETABOUT
Ben excitedly grabs another man in Bury ENTOMB
Beyond redemption? You can't help that! TOOBAD
Bill gathers information, joining unknown business AGENCY
Bright sun greeting American city SHINY
Chow for the chow in this possibly? DOGGYBAG
Contradict part of argument that may be used by composer COUNTERPOINT
Get back control, having penned good article REGAIN
In haste pupils advance STEPUP
Limit studies before school CONSTRAIN
Clues Answers
Little son that is joining another in bed becomes most comfortable COSIEST
Message coming on time outside port -- carriage required CABRIOLET
Mushrooms the French female provided for singers to eat CHANTERELLES
Particular use of language in club secretary's conclusion IRONY
Pole working with me embraces you as a member of staff EMPLOYEE
Some French chief returning, in charge and authoritarian DESPOTIC
Something dry and fruity is favoured by artist RAISIN
Source of annoyance -- undergarments I have rubbing ABRASIVE
Sticky pea, horrible thing to munch TIPSYCAKE
Textual changes in respect of western ceremonies REWRITES
Very large vehicles getting awards OSCARS
Waiter ran around -- something leaking through the roof? RAINWATER
Waiting is irksome -- a visitor finally comes in TARRYING
Warning -- river beginning to rise. shelter! PORTENT