Universal - Mar 30 2017

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Clues Answers
"Fi" front SCI
"Time's a-wastin'" CMON
Access onto the highway RAMP
And others, in shorthand ETAL
Assist a robber, e.g ABET
Brief summation RECAP
Bullets, briefly AMMO
Campbell of fashion NAOMI
Campbell of TV and films NEVE
Certain Arab OMANI
Charitable collections for the poor ALMS
Chowed down ATE
Clever maneuver PLOY
Concluding part FINALE
Cookie locale, sometimes JAR
Court order affecting one's wages GARNISHMENT
Cravings YENS
Create or construct MAKE
Deceitful one LIAR
Deepest sleeps possible COMAS
Deprive of one's courage UNMAN
Double negative NONO
Ease off, as from a baby bottle WEAN
Elephant feature TUSK
Emulate a cat burglar SNEAK
Etch-a-Sketch part KNOB
Fantastic notion, as of one's imagination FIGMENT
Favorable responses YESES
Financial VIP BANKER
Five up, e.g TIED
Freshly washed CLEAN
Gives one's opinion COMMENTSON
Group of primo invitees ALIST
Gunky, slimy or yucky ICKY
Had been stretched out in bed LAIN
Homer's neighbor, on TV NED
Id complement EGO
Ill-tempered and then some NASTY
Indian prince RAJA
Clues Answers
Inked-skin design, in slang TAT
Is introduced to MEETS
It delivers cold comfort ICEBAG
It may be thrown a curve MITT
Johns or heads LAVS
Know-it-all sage GURU
Less likely to be committed SANER
Little bear CUB
Major American network NBC
Mash the gas in a garage REV
Mean business? EVIL
Most slippery ICIEST
Not even a single one NONE
On the schedule SLATED
Oscars attendee's "bag" SWAG
Out-of-this-world creature ALIEN
Part of M.I.T. INST
Planting unit, for farmers ACRE
Prayer wheel utilizers LAMAS
Priest's garment ALB
Put a stop to END
Recipe amt TSP
Rock worth something ORE
Roll call calls, sometimes AYES
Sample, as a small bit of food TASTE
Shirt label info SIZE
Some bar drinks CHASERS
Some state names in D.C., briefly AVES
Speak out about something GIVEVOICETO
Stands on a golf course? TEES
Sustain, as injuries INCUR
Systems of beliefs CREEDS
Teenager's facial outbreak ACNE
Transmit information to others COMMUNICATE
Type of recruiter TALENTSCOUT
Upward push BOOST
Used a spade DUG
___ down (makes much simpler) DUMBS