New York Times - Sep 28 2008

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Clues Answers
'A Doll's House' wife NORA
'Almighty' title role for Steve Carell EVAN
'Land ___!' SAKES
'Let's just leave ___ that' ITAT
'New Look' designer of 1947 DIOR
'Night' author Wiesel ELIE
'Others' in a Latin phrase ALII
'Praise the Lord!' GLORYBE
'The Lion King' lioness NALA
'Vigilant ___ to steal cream': Falstaff ASACAT
A large number RAFTS
A leveret is a young one HARE
Addams Family cousin ITT
Altercation SETTO
Analogy phrase ISTO
AOL alternative MSN
Appeal to ASK
Apple pocketfuls IPODS
Attach, as a patch SEWON
Awl, for one TOOL
Bamboozles SNOWS
Battery part TEST
Beginnings SEEDS
Big East Conference team, for short PITT
Butcher shop purchase CHOPS
Capital of South Australia ADELAIDE
Caustic ACRID
Certain celebrant PRIEST
Charity's urging DONATE
City near Milan LODI
City near Tel Aviv LOD
Come up ARISE
Crown PATE
Desirable places EDENS
Discouraging comment to a cloner? YOUCANTTWINEMALL
Dr. with advice in O magazine PHIL
Dress-up costume piece TIARA
Eye part LENS
Fabric that really breathes? LIVINGTWILL
Fact finisher OID
Fall mo. SEP
Fencing swords EPEES
Fern germ SPORE
French Polynesia constituents ILES
Garage container OILCAN
Gathering points MECCAS
Give orders like a drill sergeant BARK
Greek market of old AGORA
Gyro meat LAMB
Hair stuff GEL
Hops kiln OAST
Hydroelectric org. TVA
Invitation information specification ATTIRE
Jolly laugh HOHO
Kind of dialysis RENAL
Kind of difference, oxymoronically SAME
Legal eagles' org. ABA
Legislative assemblies PLENA
Level RAZE
Like some eggs or cloth SHIRRED
Localities AREAS
Low tie ONEONE
Men or women who pinch? THETWEAKERSEX
Moistens again REWETS
Monitor type, for short CRT
Clues Answers
Monopoly game token IRON
Month in a Faulkner title AUGUST
Mormons, initially LDS
Moth, perhaps? TWEEDKILLER
Mushroom stalks STIPES
Nagpur noble RAJAH
Native American home WIGWAM
Nerd's essence? THESOULOFTWIT
Nonkosher sandwiches BLTS
Novelist's need PLOT
Off-campus local TOWNIE
Once-in-a-lifetime exchange, maybe IDOS
One of Woody's stock at Woodstock ARLO
Orbital point APSIS
Outback buddy MATE
Penseur's thought IDEE
Pertaining to hair PILAR
Pertinent to the discussion ONTOPIC
Photo paper option MATTE
Pitcher of a perfect game, 9/9/65 KOUFAX
Place to play b-ball YMCA
Play about Capote TRU
Poland's Walesa LECH
Prefix with -crat THEO
Radio host/pianist John TESH
Rimes with the 1996 hit 'Blue' LEANN
Roast the other side of the marshmallow? FLIPONESTWIG
Rusty on the diamond STAUB
Score just before victory, maybe ADIN
Second-century year CXI
Shocked AGHAST
Shooting game POOL
Shooting sport SKEET
Some foreign pen pals AMIS
Some people or food at parties DIPS
Song sung by Gwen in Broadway's 'Chicago' ROXIE
Spaghetti ___ STRAP
Speck JOT
St. Louis's ___ Bridge EADS
Strawberry of note DARRYL
String around a cake box? DESSERTTWINE
Subjects of many legal battles ESTATES
Suffix with book ISH
Sun Tzu's 'The Art of ___' WAR
Teri Garr's 'Young Frankenstein' role INGA
Texas county, river or forest that's a girl's first name ANGELINA
The Flintstones' pet DINO
These, to Juan ESTAS
They're attractive, but not necessarily to each other MAGNETS
Thrice, in prescriptions TER
Transmitter starter? NEURO
Trig ratio SINE
Uncouth youth BRAT
Unlikely to run COLORFAST
Utah's lily SEGO
Vinegar: Prefix ACETO
W.W. II gun STEN
Wahine's dance HULA
Waiting at the bank, say INLINE
Walked with a purpose STRODE
When jerks come out? THETWITCHINGHOUR
Whine PULE
Wishes undone RUES
X out OMIT
Yak pack OXEN
[How dare you!] SLAP
___ Center, home of the New Jersey Nets IZOD