The Times - Cryptic - Times Cryptic 26673 - March 15, 2017

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Clues Answers
Angry the Queen maybe gets called without warning WILDCAT
Annoy, when pinching little brother or sister's comic RISIBLE
Bitter's cold — relief all round ACID
Calls for flogging, note, diminished, for consuming alcohol TELESALES
Chief magistrate having party for one returning DOGE
Crew's stress after leader's gone off EIGHT
Curious cutting one day will become familiar ACQUAINTED
Detectives lifted chief crook in formal attire DICKEYBOW
Energy makes good bowler perhaps fulfil promise, unexpectedly? EATONESHAT
Famous picture of Nazi fiddling with necktie CITIZENKANE
Far from happy band of factory workers? BLUECOLLAR
Female monitor, maybe, losing way LIZA
Girl's arrest in winding lane ANNABEL
Grounds for these assumptions? PREMISES
Guide finally set bucket down TRAIN
Clues Answers
Host trailer for popular event CROWDPULLER
Loud, large people in red? The way to create colourful display FLOWERSHOW
Man on mission having a craving not to booze? ATTACHE
Minister in service flat with engineers PADRE
Never what one finds in defective Monopoly? NOCHANCE
Record-breaking crime is down LOSING
Short note lawyer returned promptly, as example ADVERB
Sink about ten with one pot DIXIE
Tom's mate? Rarely is he in Henry's team QUEENOFTHESOUTH
Tongue rarely used in kiss by husband MANX
Try and do something assured in performance POPCONCERT
Unfeeling, but less so than one or two, say? NUMB
What would be left, see, at one's perishing? LIFEESTATE
Worry, with faint-hearted Tories looking left STEW