The Guardian - Quiptic crossword No 898 - Jan 30 2017

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Clues Answers
A thousand thanks when coming round for work TASKS
A very noisy chap joined in a brawl AFFRAY
Aide ordered you, say, to bid farewell ADIEU
Amazed and totally lost for words SPEECHLESS
Animal's foot had one of five to begin with HOOF
Aspersion cast by thoughtless, lurid piece SLUR
Attempt easy trip round Sweden ESSAY
Break up: truer version RUPTURE
Case of wine one fool damaged PORTFOLIO
Deer Tom's treated was definitely the last HINDMOST
Dumb letter to Greece by Lawrence MUTE
Gatherers hint at broadcast that's phenomenal EARTHSHATTERING
Hire sis a building on a large stretch of water IRISHSEA
Keep in reserve with space in the larder, say STOREROOM
Large wine bottle and spilt soup presented as a great work of art MAGNUMOPUS
Clues Answers
Leading female soloist reportedly leaving performers playing Beethoven's 5th EMPEROR
Maid lost on street at the Centre AMIDST
Might such an entrance catch one unawares? TRAPDOOR
Nonsense call for attention without spectacles HOOEY
Show way to spend our pound inside SPLENDOUR
Sigh when High Horse waywardly runs outsiders off HEIGHHO
Stage scenery for group work SETPIECE
Student leaves reply about heap of wood for burning PYRE
Survive former lover turning up in the most easy-going way LAXEST
The first French painter to produce things for a bride TROUSSEAU
Top of the range for very large parent? MAXIMUM
True proofs about a place to sleep FOURPOSTER
US code used legal tender once ESCUDO
Young friend to train lively team SCHOOLMATE