The Times - Cryptic - Times Cryptic 26551 - October 24, 2016

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Clues Answers
Act in which to see pest put down Derated
Adoring fans of ancient king GORDIAN
Chief praying effusively and moralising in sermon PREACHIFYING
Coffee in street obtained by worker INSTANT
Court procedure subsequently holding one right back RETRIAL
Cutie nods naughtily in this act maybe SEDUCTION
Drunken refrains here? One clears an obnoxious atmosphere AIRFRESHENER
Endlessly sick, I had cared about sugar DISACCHARIDE
Famous cricketer: he passed on tip for boy in High School HOBBS
Fury, perhaps, of archdeacon in time meeting resistance AVENGER
Given a non-U treatment? AMERICANISED
Half a decade of brilliance cut short with little hesitation LUSTRUM
Hesitant after written account replaces one article with another DITHERY
Member of parliament is older, one being absent for a time SENATOR
Clues Answers
My pleasant artistic moulding CORNICE
Narratives to be read both ways SAGAS
Note bed cast outside home after complete upset TONIC
Old king on journey engaging good poet COLERIDGE
Old kingdom has sailor returning with very short song BAVARIA
One collecting hard stones along the shore SHINGLE
One heading off into tedious work grimaced GRINNED
One relatively short distance seen absurdly as huge IMMENSE
One's icy and more lacking in expression when speaking GLACIER
Out of jail, one prisoner being embraced and finely bedecked with gold? FILAGREED
Part of a letter from one who has already reached the heights? DESCENDER
Quiet little devils consuming last of our seafood SHRIMPS
Regarding place for sporting contests as generator of income REVENUE
See expression of surprise after sending back games expert HOYLE