The Washington Post - Oct 18 2016

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Clues Answers
'Get Yer ___ Out!' (Rolling Stones album) YAYAS
'Have you ever seen anything so strange?' WEIRDHUH
'Just a number,' to some AGE
'So, back to my point ...' ANYHOO
'The Big ___' (Bill Parcells's nickname) TUNA
'Wowza!' OOH
All there SANE
Ancient Greek music halls ODEA
Ceremonial splendor POMP
Chillier ICIER
Classic Pontiac muscle car GTO
Concluding syllable ULTIMA
Country bordering Lake Victoria UGANDA
Craters of the Moon state IDAHO
Davis of 'Do the Right Thing' OSSIE
Decorative neckwear BOA
Does away with, in slang OFFS
Driver's license datum SEX
Drops on a lawn DEW
Eponymous magazine founder Eric UTNE
Errol of 'The Charge of the Light Brigade' FLYNN
Expressions of contempt PSHAWS
Fertility clinic inventory OVA
Fifth Avenue retailer SAKS
Follow ENSUE
Get going, in slang JET
God on an eight-legged horse ODIN
Got rid of AXED
Groundbreaking invention? PLOW
Hang back REMAIN
Hugely entertained HAVINGABLAST
Hypnosis pioneer MESMER
Hypnotized INATRANCE
ID tag, of a sort DNA
Iditarod team member SLEDDOG
Iroquois Confederacy tribe ONEIDA
Jackson who played a Jedi SAMUEL
Knightley of 'Pirates of the Caribbean' KEIRA
Clues Answers
Like some locally sourced foods FARMFRESH
Liqueur sharing a name with an island CURACAO
Maxes out PEAKS
Nashville landmark, familiarly OPRY
Not as much LESS
Obsession MANIA
Ooze GOO
Person often up in the wee hours NIGHTOWL
Politburo turndowns NYETS
Postprandial quaff PORT
Put an end to NIX
Rain forest vine LIANA
Record company LABEL
Relative of Pernod ABSINTHE
Sandwich often ordered by its initials BLT
Scottish denial NAE
Smoked topper LOX
Soften EASE
Some airport structures HANGARS
Some calculator watches CASIOS
Some Nigerian tribesmen IBOS
Staple of some vegetarian diets TOFU
Taker of pics PHOTOG
Term for a bar mentioned in 'Casablanca' GINJOINT
The P of MPG PER
They might be about two feet SOCKS
They might be pooled TIPS
Thomas Hardy title heroine TESS
Tomato variety ROMA
Vast expanses SEAS
Warrior's curved blade SAMURAISWORD
What someone in charge gets ... and what finishes 17-, 29-, and 48-Across FINALSAY
Wrath IRE
Your replacement? ONES
Zilch NADA