Universal - Oct 12 2016

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Clues Answers
"Big Brother" host CHEN
"___ I care!" ASIF
Aquarium growth ALGA
Bear that's not really a bear KOALA
Biochemistry abbr RNA
Bit of gossip RUMOR
Black-and-white cookie OREO
Brain of a PC CPU
Brawl ingredients FISTICUFFS
Breakfast staple TOAST
Bridgetown's place BARBADOS
Captain or general, e.g RANK
Car front GRILLE
Car wash supply RAGS
Carpet feature PILE
Caterpillar, initially LARVA
Certain shooting iron RIFLE
Common cosmetics ingredient ALOE
Decade makeup YEARS
Department store section MENS
Do more origami work REFOLD
Doing nothing IDLE
Drive away REPEL
Easy dupes SAPS
Edible seaweed ULVA
Egg part YOLK
Egyptian goddess ISIS
Elaborate Catholic ritual HIGHMASS
Errand runner GOFER
Everyone has one NAME
Exciting star NOVA
Fail to see MISS
Feature of a disorderly fight PANDEMONIUM
Flounder in water SLOSH
Follow, as a consequence ENSUE
Forest denizen ELK
Freud contemporary ADLER
Geller with the spoons URI
Clues Answers
Grain bane ERGOT
Group of eight OCTAD
Had a home-cooked meal ATEIN
Happy and appreciative GLAD
Hawaii's Mauna ___ LOA
Heroic person, to some IDOL
High mountains ALPS
Honey-based drink MEAD
Horse's nibble OAT
Indication of police action SIREN
Intensifies DEEPENS
Like Santa's workers ELFIN
Longtime "All My Children" character ERICA
Mary ___ cosmetics KAY
Miscellaneous assortment OLIO
Music-score sign SEGNO
No longer new, as clothing WORN
On, as a candle LIT
Parents and some poker players RAISERS
Parting words BYES
Place for a barbecue PATIO
Point to the right? EAST
Prefix for "dynamic" AERO
Primitive shelter LEANTO
Romanian currency LEU
Ship workers CREW
Some bridge seats WESTS
Spectacles GLASSES
There is no good in it EVIL
Turkish currency LIRA
Very pale ASHEN
Visible blight EYESORE
What six outs constitute INNING
Window frame SASH
With no need to part? BALD
Word with "-A-Rama" BOWL
Young winged god of the Greeks EROS