- Sep 30 2016

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Clues Answers
''Look __ ye leap'' ERE
''Sweeney Todd'' establishment PIESHOP
''__ the rose without the thorn'': Herrick NEER
'80s South African leader BOTHA
1940 loozer to ''Gone With the Wind'' THEWIZARDOFOZ
1942 loozer to ''How Green Was My Valley'' CITIZENKANE
1965 loozer to ''My Fair Lady'' ZORBATHEGREEK
1980 loozer to ''Kramer vs. Kramer'' ALLTHATJAZZ
2008 inauguration singer ARETHA
31-day veep TYLER
About 1% of air ARGON
Advocacy org. since 1980 MADD
Air France merger partner KLM
Asian capital HANOI
Austrian article EINE
Austrian interjection ACH
Baldwin's dad on ''30 Rock'' ALDA
Beethoven's Symphony #2 __ major IND
Bout sanctioner: Abbr WBC
Break or breach FLAW
Brownish gray TAUPE
Burning again RELIT
Butter pecan quantity SCOOP
Calgary clock setting: Abbr MST
Certain scorecard stats PARS
Cone-shaped quarters TEPEE
Craft for pairs ARK
Damon's home in a 2011 film ZOO
Damon's home in a 2015 film MARS
Deliver for auction CONSIGN
Did pre-heist preparation CASED
Elizabethan dramatist KYD
Ending for home STEAD
Evaluate ASSAY
Facial feature CHIN
Faith Hill's hubby TIM
Female hare DOE
Clues Answers
FIFA Women's World Cup champ USA
Fiscal exec CFO
Fuzzy __ (schnapps cocktail) NAVEL
Heavy barge burden ORE
Hole for lacing EYELET
James portrayed by Beyoncé ETTA
Many a golf shirt KNIT
Mexican political icon JUAREZ
Mild oath DANG
Monarque de Belgique ROI
Monastic society ORDER
Most piqued SOREST
Mumbai-based resort chain TAJ
Music teacher's deg., often MFA
Name on the ''Delta of Venus'' byline ANAIS
Overburden SWAMP
Overeager one ZEALOT
Pac-12 rival of USC ASU
Person from Astana KAZAKH
Pet perch, perhaps LAP
Pitfall SNARE
Portray ARE
Prudent SANE
Put into force ENACT
Reef predator EEL
Relaxed CALM
Satellite service RADIO
Slightly cracked AJAR
Slopes device TBAR
Some Caterpillars TRACTORS
Start of some counts EENY
Stowe character EVA
Stowe novel DRED
The Missouri R. bisects it SDAK
Town near Santa Fe TAOS
What ''Hamlet'' ends with TEE
What a Z might be ZETA
Wine choice, for short ZIN