- Jul 20 2008

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Clues Answers
''Check,'' in poker NOBET
''Cut it out!'' THATSANONO
''Dances With Wolves'' dwelling TEPEE
''Divine Comedy'' writer DANTE
''Lively'' subjects ARTS
''Scram!'' SCAT
''Scram!'' SHOO
''Simpsons'' neighbor NED
''Where __?'' AMI
''__ Rhythm'' (Gershwin tune) IGOT
Abacus user ADDER
Ad writer's honor CLIO
Air Force Academy student CADET
Anjou's cousin BOSC
Bach's instrument ORGAN
Bargain-bin abbr. IRR
Be gaga over ADORE
Billfold fillers ONES
Blackjack request HITME
British Honduras, today BELIZE
Bug in farm ANT
Cambodia neighbor LAOS
Camera type, briefly SLR
Career soldier LIFER
Carson's predecessor PAAR
Charlottesville sch. UVA
Cheated, slangily HOSED
Cheese sauce MORNAY
Choir section TENORS
Collegians wearing Y's ELIS
Comics dog ODIE
Confederate soldier REB
Coop dweller HEN
Copter part ROTOR
Coral formation REEF
Cows and sows SHES
Dutch painter STEEN
Effect's partner CAUSE
Emit coherent light LASE
Equilibria STASES
Ethiopia's capital ADDISABABA
Event with a grand marshal PARADE
Fan favorite IDOL
Fencer's move LUNGE
Figures, for short STATS
Filled beyond full SATED
Fisheye, for one LENS
Five-Wimbledon winner FEDERER
Flower parts STAMENS
Fork or spoon UTENSIL
French comic actor TATI
Gymnast's perfection TEN
Hamlet, e.g. DANE
Hardworking ones STRIVER
Having fun with SAVORING
Hellenic H's ETAS
Help in a heist ABET
Hiawatha's love MINNEHAHA
Insect catcher WEB
Iowa State city AMES
Is unable to comprehend CANTSEE
Israeli desert NEGEV
Lasso wielder ROPER
Magnetite or hematite IRONORE
Make a tape of RECORD
Makes right AMENDS
Midwest hub OHARE
Military experiment, briefly NTEST
Mischievous girl of old comics LITTLELULU
Move to a MASH, maybe EVAC
Nail covering POLISH
Clues Answers
NASA spacewalk EVA
New Mexico ski area TAOS
NFL team, for short NINERS
No-goodnik CAD
Not sensible INANE
One-on-one student TUTEE
One-pot dinners STEWS
Onetime New York Philharmonic leader TOSCANINI
Opera texts LIBRETTI
Overdo it on stage EMOTE
Parcel partner PART
Part of UNLV LAS
Parting word ADIEU
Peace Nobelist of 1984 DESMONDTUTU
Piña __ COLADA
Piggies TOES
Planet, to poets ORB
Pot winner's words COMETOPAPA
Potato or yam TUBER
Prevailing weather CLIME
Protesters' shouts CHANTS
Ready for a challenge UPTOIT
Ready to serve DONE
Recipe amt. TSP
Red Skelton character CLEM
Red Square figure LENIN
Red-ink entries DEBTS
Resort settings SHORES
Roof protrusion DORMER
Sailor's trunk SEACHEST
Scarlett's mother ELLEN
Schedule spoiler SNAG
Seedy joints DIVES
Send out EMIT
Sensible SANE
Shade of yellow MAIZE
Shakespearean sprite ARIEL
Shells out SPENDS
Shooting marble AGATE
Skunk LePew PEPE
Sleep phase, for short REM
Smidgens TADS
Soup served cold SCHAV
Sows' mates BOARS
Spanish snack TAPA
Stephen King novel INSOMNIA
Stomach soother, for short BROMO
Stubborn sort MULE
Sulky-pulling horse PACER
Super serve ACE
Tabloid twosome ITEM
Takes in or lets out ALTERS
Tank top, e.g. SHIRT
Tasty mushrooms MORELS
Thirteen popes LEOS
Three-way pipe joint TEE
Trucker on the air CBER
Tut's mother-in-law NEFERTITI
Typed in ENTERED
Unable to pay SHORT
Union member STATE
Urban pollution SMOG
Use a sight AIM
Vaudeville headliner TOPBANANA
Verbal fanfare TADA
Vial contents PILLS
Watts of ''King Kong'' NAOMI
Whole bunch TON
Worn away EATEN
WWW addresses URLS
Zane and Lady Jane GREYS
__ chi TAI
__-pitch softball SLO