The Telegraph - TOUGHIE CROSSWORD NO: 1,656 - Aug 16 2016

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Clues Answers
Acclaiming return of number one Liberal, I celebrate LIONISING
Annoying ringing sound around compound PESTERING
Article in case stuck in tree, not stiff LITHESOME
Deficiency of blood sugar approaching danger level? That's false HYPOCRITICAL
Foreign city hospital getting exposed in time after being built up HYDERABAD
Home building material -- builder finally brought in a bit more INCREMENT
Huge honour given to some that shouldn't get honour OBESE
Indication to musicians to play last bit of the song SEGNO
Instruction for making a ledge taking up a lot of room? SPREADEAGLED
It's coming from above, using divine portal possibly? PROVIDENTIAL
It's problematical when article is wedged between back-to-back items of furniture DEBATABLE
Level of defeat FLOOR
Not half unwell in bed, is ill on account of drinks COCKTAILS
Clues Answers
One found guilty of fraud -- how low can you get? NADIR
One to show man embracing woman RODIN
Part protected by water barriers SEPTA
Plants needing minimal cold protected by man on island CACTI
Quickly losing love, this person's held to be important PROMINENT
Roman below -- when given grant such becomes not at all sweet INFRA
Soldier leading his colleagues in historic district MANOR
Strange story featured in a newspaper's leader ALIEN
Surprisingly, artier mother embraces the ultimate unknown poetic style TERZARIMA
Swell cuties -- men getting jittery INTUMESCE
There may be something in here that will have to be got off one's chest BREASTPOCKET
What's very bad about substitute not quite able to play in any position? VERSATILE
With no hesitation indulge a beast of symbolic significance PANDA
Writer of song with no commercial value BALLPOINT