New York Times - Jun 2 2008

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Clues Answers
'Ditto!' METOO
'I'll take Potpourri for $200, ___' ALEX
'Man, oh, man!' JEEZ
'Oh yeah? ___ who?' SEZ
'This is only ___' ATEST
1970s Dodgers All-Star Ron CEY
Assesses, as a situation, with 'up' SIZES
Available from a keg ONTAP
Beauty mark MOLE
Calves' meat VEAL
Church bell ringer SEXTON
City near Provo OREM
Clock chime, e.g. TONE
Commedia dell'___ ARTE
Conductor Zubin MEHTA
Countess's husband EARL
Deciphered READ
Dilapidated RATTY
Event with ukulele entertainment LUAU
Evil organization in 'Get Smart' KAOS
Fashion's ___ Saint Laurent YVES
Figure of speech TROPE
Folkie Guthrie ARLO
Gas brand in Canada ESSO
Golden deity, say IDOL
Golden ___ (senior) AGER
Grain in Cheerios OAT
Group of eight OCTAD
Guy's partner GAL
Happy ___ clam ASA
Hearing-related AURAL
Heater or repeater FIREARM
Iditarod vehicle SLED
It can be constricting BOA
Jaguar or Mustang AUTO
Japanese maker of watches and calculators CASIO
Keep an ___ (watch) EYEON
Knots TIES
Clues Answers
Lazy person's stairs? ESCALATOR
Lone Ranger's companion TONTO
Musical free-for-all JAM
Non-oil painting method WATERCOLOR
Olympic sport from Japan JUDO
Portents OMENS
Predecessor of Katie Couric DANRATHER
Request ASK
Revolutionary pattern of the moon EARTHORBIT
Runs a cloth across furniture, say DUSTS
Search with the hands GROPE
Sex researcher Hite SHERE
Shrek, for one OGRE
Some potatoes IDAHOS
Soothed or smoothed EASED
Stealthy SLY
Talons CLAWS
Telly Savalas role KOJAK
The 'A' of A&E ARTS
The Beatles' 'Lovely ___' RITA
The Civil War, for the Confederacy LOSTCAUSE
Toledo's lake ERIE
Trash bag brand GLAD
Treaty of ___-Litovsk, 1918 BREST
Trigger man? ROYROGERS
TV Guide info AIRDATE
View again RESEE
Walked with a purpose STRODE
Weight of diamonds CARAT
What a donkey gets at a children's party TAIL
What the starts of 22-, 36-, 41- and 50-Across comprise THEFOURELEMENTS
Winery containers VATS
Yours: Fr. ATOI
___ kwon do TAE