USA Today - Mar 30 2016

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Clues Answers
"Frozen" snow queen ELSA
"Gladiator" setting ARENA
"Mila 18" or "QB VII" NOVEL
"No great shakes" MEH
"Swan Lake" garb TUTU
"Unto us ___ is given" ASON
Aquarium fish TETRA
Blond sci-fi race ELOI
Bobbled ball, say ERROR
Body image, for short TAT
Bowl over AWE
Browns, on scoreboards CLE
Catskills, e.g. (Abbr.) MTS
Chef Lagasse EMERIL
Competed on "The Voice" SANG
Confetti maker SHREDDER
Custard treat FLAN
Deli snack NOSH
Dethrone OUST
Doctrine rejecter HERETIC
Done to death STALE
Farm newborn COLT
Fateful day in Rome IDES
FedEx rival DHL
Fill beyond full SATE
Fit ___ fiddle ASA
Flight segment STEP
Frisbee, for one DISC
Frozen daiquiri insert STRAW
Futuristic 1982 Disney movie TRON
Genetic code letters RNA
Glass of public radio IRA
Go off-script ADLIB
Golfer Ernie ELS
Hand-wringer's word WOE
Heavy burden ONUS
Hopping mad IRATE
In ___ fertilization VITRO
Inflatable boats RAFTS
Clues Answers
Is of use AVAILS
Island near Maui LANAI
Land of Hutu and Tutsi RWANDA
Leg up EDGE
Lumbermill fixture RIPSAW
Mutiny milieu HIGHSEAS
Northern abode IGLOO
One with an ID USER
Oscar or Tony AWARD
Palace protector MOAT
Petty complaint NIT
Play matchmaker to SETUP
Rep's region (Abbr.) TERR
Sarandon of "Thelma & Louise" SUSAN
Searcher for stars TALENTSCOUT
Short-lived success ONEHITWONDER
Sing like Sinatra CROON
Sleep phase REM
Sousa's nickname THEMARCHKING
Taj Mahal locale AGRA
Tara's Scarlett OHARA
Tear to bits REND
Test for gold content, say ASSAY
Tickle pink ELATE
Took off RAN
Totally bonkers BERSERK
Traffic tie-up SNARL
Trellis part SLAT
Tusked beast BOAR
U.S. Navy officers LTS
Vague amount ANY
Whole bunch TON
Wine bar menu items CHEESES
Without end EVER
Word that can precede the last parts of 17-, 26-, 44- and 58 BOY
Wrap up END
Yuletide drink WASSAIL
___ Line (Midwest railroad) SOO