New York Times - Feb 22 2001

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Clues Answers
'An Essay on Criticism' writer POPE
'Cheerio!' SEEYA
'Lethal Weapon 2,' '... 3' and '... 4' actor PESCI
'Veni' ICAME
'Very well' SOBEIT
'___ be in England ...' OHTO
A lot of fluff EFS
A pop PER
Author Janowitz TAMA
Big leagues MAJORS
Book after Philemon: Abbr. HEB
Brown-and-white ROAN
Bull sessions GABFESTS
Bumper ___ CARS
Chinatown offering DIMSUM
Colossus TITAN
Constrain KEEPIN
Cry out YELP
Dog-___ EARED
Eggs OVA
End of the quip BESTWHINES
Fifth- or sixth-grader TWEEN
Flop DUD
Go back and forth (with) SPAR
Go on and on RANT
Gymnast's place BEAM
Half of a 60's quartet MAMAS
Having a certain glow HALOED
Hearty dinner STEW
Hullabaloos ADOS
Idle fellow? ERIC
Jack and the missus SPRATS
Kans. neighbor OKLA
Kind of mask SKI
Measures of some losses: Abbr. YDS
Clues Answers
Mechanical device that operates by compression AIRBRAKE
Microwave NUKE
Middle of the quip MAKESOMEOFTHE
Monocled advertising figure MRPEANUT
Old music halls ODEA
One of Henry VIII's six PARR
Opponent for Ike ADLAI
Place for some icons APSE
Rain check WIPER
Seed coverings ARILS
Semisweet white wine SAUTERNE
Shoot SPEW
Sign on the dotted line ENDORSE
Singer Guthrie ARLO
Soak (up) SOP
Songbird WREN
Sound before 'Thanks, I needed that!' SLAP
Spanish 101 verb ESTAR
Sportscaster's tidbit STAT
Start of a quip SOURGRAPES
Take ___ (rest) ANAP
Time releases ISSUES
Tittles JOTS
Treehopper, e.g. INSECT
Unnatural, in a way POSED
Up-to-the-minute LAST
Volleys SALVOS
Waste holders ASHCANS
What is more ALSO
What old enemies may do REARM
When things don't go right OFFDAY
Who 'is alone' in a 1987 Sondheim title NOONE
William ___, who founded Ralston Purina DANFORTH
Window-rattling LOUD
Woman of la casa SENORA