L.A. Times Daily - Mar 17 2016

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Clues Answers
"Kitchen Nightmares" host Gordon RAMSAY
"Play it again, Sam!" ENCORE
"¿Cómo está __?" USTED
1960 Pirate World Series hero, familiarly MAZ
2014 Olympics city SOCHI
AAA suggestion RTE
Animals that fight by necking GIRAFFES
Annoy IRK
Apt answer for this puzzle location END
Arizona Cardinal mascot Big __ RED
Author Levin IRA
Baby seal PUP
Baton user MAESTRO
Bemused states DAZES
Black Panthers co-founder SEALE
Carry TOTE
Complain GROUSE
Concerning INRE
Covered with a hard coating ENCRUSTED
Dance turns PIVOTS
Dirty money GRIFT
Emergency room concern TRAUMA
End of __ ANERA
Family nickname MAMA
Gillette product ATRA
Go fast ZOOM
H.S. equivalency test GED
Hamm with a kick MIA
Insurance spokeslizard GECKO
Islamic ruling FATWA
It may be caught in the flue SOOT
It's under the hardwood SUBFLOOR
Knighted Guinness ALEC
Lethal snakes ASPS
Licorice-flavored seed ANISE
Long-legged wader STORK
Clues Answers
Mineo and Maglie SALS
Mob member RIOTER
More lenient LAXER
Oahu resident, for example ISLANDER
Packed tightly TAMPED
Past its prime WORN
Patrick Creadon documentary about SpongeBob ... and what's found in this puzzle's circles SQUAREROOTS
Plateau cousin MESA
Postgame postmortem RECAP
President pro __ TEM
Projected financial statements PROFORMAS
Real end IST
Rearward ASTERN
Recording pros ARTISTS
Religion with Five Pillars ISLAM
Rural agreement YESM
Saturn ring components MOONLETS
Scorched SEARED
Sorted homogeneously GROUPED
Source of a nutritious oil COD
Spoiled BAD
Strains TAXES
Stub __ ATOE
Supposed REPUTED
They can be classified ADS
Top-of-the-line Hyundai whose name means "horse" in Latin EQUUS
Toy company co-founder Herman FISHER
Type of baggy '40s suit ZOOT
Uffizi hangings ARTE
Watchdog warning GRR
What -ess may denote: Abbr FEM
Where to find a full house POKER
Word in a home run call OUTTA
Word with man or horse IRON
Yank who missed the 2014 season AROD