Wall Street Journal - Feb 27 2016 - No Pun Intended

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Clues Answers
'City of Secrets' author Stewart ONAN
'Fiddler on the Roof' song TOLIFE
'I hate to break up ___' ASET
'Where America's day begins' GUAM
'___ yellow ribbon...' TIEA
1962 Paul Anka hit ESOBESO
Anatomical canal ITER
Bad thing to have near San Andreas? NOFAULTINSURANCE
Bausch & Lomb brand RENU
BBQ stick SPIT
Blood rival CRIP
Bring before a judge ARRAIGN
British men's mag FHM
Brussels-based org NATO
Campaign handler, for short ADREP
Canterbury can TIN
Carrier in the Dow Jones Transportation Avg UAL
Cause to boil over ENRAGE
Charlie's 'Two and a Half Men' replacement ASHTON
Check for violations INSPECT
Church moneymaking activity RAFFLING
Citizen of the cinema KANE
Comes down to Earth, as an astronaut REENTERS
Common ID SSN
Complaint about a boring celebrity roast? NOKIDDING
Complaint from a news fan at a newsstand? NOTIMELEFT
Creative work DESIGN
Criticism of an incomplete commerce treaty? NOTRADECLAUSE
Critique of a bad malt shop? NOGREATSHAKES
Dating site shorthand SWF
Definition of a vacuum? NOMATTER
Description of a Motown show without Stevie? NOWONDER
Deviating from the straight and narrow ERRANT
Dr.'s field MED
Egyptian first family of the 1970s SADATS
Exactly right SPOTON
Example of ingratitude? NOTHANKYOU
Exclusive interview GET
Extension for Windows driver files SYS
Farmer's fertilizer MANURE
Favorites PETS
Feature of a totally inept 'Jeopardy!' game? NOQUESTIONSASKED
Financially sound SOLID
Flee like a mouse SCURRYOFF
Fly over Africa TSETSE
Fragile food EGG
French 1 verb ETRE
Funnyman Mayall RIK
G's equivalent SOL
Gather gradually GLEAN
Georgia neighbor ARMENIA
German industrial region RUHR
GI entertainers USO
Go ___ some length ONAT
Gorp bit PEANUT
Got one's money's worth at the buffet ATEALOT
Happy Valley sch PSU
Hazzard County boss HOGG
Head docs SHRINKS
Hombre of the future NINO
Home for a hog STY
How drone cameras shoot AERIALLY
In order that one might SOASTO
Inflict some expletives on CUSSAT
Instructional unit STEP
It used to be you THEE
Jacob's twin ESAU
James Ingram's '___ Have the Heart' IDONT
Clues Answers
James of 'X-Men' MARSDEN
JFK search party? TSA
Langston Hughes poem ITOO
Lara of video games CROFT
Leaning on AGAINST
Like northern Chad SAHARAN
Like the equation x = 2y LINEAR
London's ___ Gardens KEW
Made ecstatic SENT
Makeup of many an E.T CGI
Marched along TROD
Mark for demolition CONDEMN
MRI reading SCAN
Much of eastern Eur., once SSRS
Negating conjunction NOR
Neighbors of some Monopoly aves RRS
New York city on Lake Ontario OSWEGO
News Corp founder MURDOCH
Nissan compacts SENTRAS
Not worth ___ ASOU
Oktoberfest souvenirs STEINS
Old 45 player HIFI
Old trouper MINSTREL
One 60-trillionth of a min PSEC
One barely passing DSTUDENT
One with stamina ENDURER
Opening hr., often NINEAM
Org. for Senators NHL
Overly ornate BAROQUE
Paris pooch CHIEN
Pathetic SAD
PDA listing APPT
Petty bureaucrat SATRAP
Prepare tuna, in a way SEAR
Prune PARE
Pull, as a sleeve TUGON
Put out EMIT
Rabin's predecessor MEIR
Rare things HENSTEETH
Ready for the salad, as produce RINSED
Reason a team might have lost the Super Bowl? NOOFFENSE
Return address letters? IRS
Root for CHEERON
Ryssdal who hosts radio's 'Marketplace' KAI
Screen siren Sommer ELKE
Season of the Tour de France ETE
Sgt., e.g NCO
Sixth col. heading FRI
Smart-whip link ASA
Some sheets are made of it ICE
Something to pick GUITAR
South Seas starch source TARO
Store with a giraffe mascot TOYSRUS
Stressful situations HOTSEATS
The Big Easy, familiarly NOLA
The rain in Spain, for example AGUA
Top suit, for short CEO
Trilby or fedora FELTHAT
U.N. delegate AMB
Using a passport, say ABROAD
Waterlogged area FEN
What Jeb Bush would have liked in the 2016 presidential race? NOTRUMP
Where the x- and y-axes meet ORIGIN
Without a break NONSTOP
Words with job or market ONTHE
Workers with acid ETCHERS
___ Reader (quarterly magazine) UTNE
___ vez (again, in Acapulco) OTRA