The Telegraph - CRYPTIC CROSSWORD NO: 28,041 - Feb 19 2016

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Clues Answers
Affair involving one office task? FILING
Cooked pasties almost cold and free from germs ASEPTIC
Cut in tax expected AXE
Delay that is produced by slips maybe LINGERIE
Distress when train set is broken STRAITEN
Dog daughter kept in Dorset town POODLE
Famous mistress having husband a poet HAMILTON
Framework of invention found in back of the box ESPALIER
Garden girl heading off to a big town -- such boldness! AUDACITY
Intellectual type -- for example, good school leader EGGHEAD
Mary's painting unusual insect PRAYINGMANTIS
Not moving? That could be shocking STATIC
One gets into stir now and then PRISONVISITOR
One pain hard to get rid of ACE
Clues Answers
Quite difficult to sort out the spies STEEPISH
Relation parading around, the first person to emerge GRANDPA
Rural history by word of mouth PASTORAL
Seemingly not this or that exceptional person SOMETHINGELSE
Set member up GEL
Snooker player seen as one with magical powers? POTTER
Song and dance over item interrupting TV programme? BALLAD
Special ceremony -- is a step for changing time RITEOFPASSAGE
State entered by English person seeking rough justice? AVENGER
Terrible riots with any number interrupting pieces of music? INTROS
The second person heard an animal on the farm? EWE
US officer overwhelmed by men's ignorance ENSIGN
What a well-behaved inmate might get in break? HALFTIME
Woman with lots of money but no love changes ADAPTS