L.A. Times Daily - May 15 2008

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Clues Answers
"Doubt 'til thou __ doubt no more ...": Guerard CANST
"Guitar Town" singer Steve EARLE
"Not a chance!" ASIF
"Our __" TOWN
"__ boy!" ATTA
1895 sci-fi race ELOI
1966 musical about a marriage IDOIDO
60 grains DRAM
Aired again RERAN
Angel without Web access? OFFLINEBACKER
Aspiration DREAM
Beachcomber's acquisition TAN
Boiling IRATE
Born in FROM
Bring home EARN
Colorado's Grand __ MESA
Creating more tension TAUTER
Cult following? URE
Curving ARCED
Festoon ADORN
Figurehead making casual remarks? OFFHANDPUPPET
Flask quickies NIPS
Flight part STEP
G neighbor AFLAT
G neighbor FSHARP
Get set PREP
Give the boot AXE
Heeded a bumper sticker request HONKED
High fliers KITES
In a skilled manner ABLY
Ingenious SMART
It's not an option NEED
Klinger's portrayer FARR
Knight et al. TEDS
Layered do SHAG
Literary sobriquet PAPA
Longtime Connecticut senator DODD
Clues Answers
Manual HOWTO
Mark to improve DEE
Mennen lotion AFTA
Miss GAL
More of the same, briefly ETC
Obstacles for Hannibal ALPS
Official investigation PROBE
One-named artist ERTE
Origami mistake? OFFCENTERFOLD
Part of GNMA? MAE
Pelvic bones ILIA
Philanderer CAD
Plastic alternative PAPER
Poet Gibran KAHLIL
Purged RID
Quechua speaker INCA
Salon creations COIFS
Salty watchman? OFFCOLORGUARD
Sand castle inundator TIDE
Sandwich maker's aid SLICER
Scarfed down ATE
Social climber, often SNOB
Sondheim's Sweeney TODD
Sound from a fenced-in yard, maybe ARF
Spilled salt, to some OMEN
Style that's picked AFRO
Subj. involving organs ANAT
Thames landmark ETON
They're shifted GEARS
Tony winner Bates ALAN
Traditional teachings LORE
West Yorkshire city LEEDS
Where Rockefeller was gov. from 1959-73 NYS
Whistleblower's moment? NOONTIME
Wing ELL
Wrap up END