New York Times - Feb 12 2016

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Clues Answers
'I knew a man Bojangles and ___ dance for you ...' (1968 song lyric) HED
'Knock yourself out' GOCRAZY
'Love Is Just a Four-Letter Word' singer BAEZ
'Sometimes a Great Notion' novelist, 1964 KESEY
'Wrath of the Titans' antagonist ARES
2009 and '13 sci-fi role for Zoë Saldana UHURA
24/7/365 facilities ERS
A baby one is called a cria LLAMA
Act the judge TRYACASE
Aimée of film ANOUK
Alternative to chinos CORDS
Appropriately named Reds legend PETEROSE
Asset in climbing the corp. ladder MBA
Bega with the hit 'Mambo No. 5' LOU
Bergen dummy SNERD
Beverage brand with three leaves in its logo NESTEA
Big ___ BEN
Bombshell GODDESS
Boob tube TEEVEE
Bother ADO
Bourbons, e.g DYNASTY
Brew named for a Czech city PILSENER
Butt end? TEES
Cabinetry material ELM
Casting director? SORCERER
Cetacean's closest relative HIPPO
Complete ATOZ
Conservation org. with a panda logo WWF
Cover for someone, say LIE
Flabbergasted INADAZE
Give attention HEED
Hop, skip or jump VERB
House of cards? CASINO
It leads to early advancement BYE
Jazz singer whose surname came from pig Latin ODAY
Clues Answers
Like some jet refuelings MIDAIR
Little bit DAB
Long hoops shots TREYS
Long, trying trips ODYSSEYS
Longtime Princess Royal ANNE
Major Taiwanese export OOLONG
Means of getting the word out? ERASER
Mount with the Cave of Zeus IDA
Moving like 43-Down OOZING
Naval hero with five U.S. counties named for him DECATUR
Oil or honey GOO
Old epic recounting wanderings AENEID
One inclined to patronize a farmer's market LOCAVORE
Ones who don't take a seat? ALSORANS
Play ___ (be disruptive) HOB
Possible response to 'Huh-uh!' DIDSO
Potato ___ SKINS
Presenter of many listicles BUZZFEED
Puerto Rico is on it year-round, for short AST
Ready for a road trip, say LOADEDUP
Refined URBANE
Region around a star 'just right' for habitable planets GOLDILOCKSZONE
Reply of feigned surprise MOI
Rule, in Rennes LOI
September honoree LABORER
Subject of a museum in Louisville, Ky ALI
The discovery of penicillin, e.g ACCIDENT
They're longer than singles, briefly EPS
They're not refined ORES
Time magazine's 'scholarly Everest,' for short OED
Tolkien character RUNE
Used car selling point ONEOWNER
When many fans come out HEATWAVE
Where to look for starters MENU
With precision NEATLY
Words of confidence ICAN