Wall Street Journal - Feb 10 2016 - Fire Proof

Clues Answers
'Birches' poet FROST
'Happy Motoring' company ESSO
'Heaven's face ___ glow': Hamlet DOTH
'I Will Always Love You,' e.g BALLAD
'If only!' IWISH
'Mr. Robot' network USA
'Separate whites from bright colors' and the like? WASHINGTIPS
'Total Recall' setting MARS
Alias of film's Thomas Anderson NEO
Anagram of 22-Across ACTS
Ancient symbol of royalty ASP
Approaches NEARS
Best Picture set in Morocco CASABLANCA
Bill no ACCT
Boarding site STOP
Bowls over AMAZES
Capone foe NESS
Captur SUVs, e.g RENAULTS
Cavatina's kin ARIA
Cheeky talk LIP
Cheeky talk SASS
Circuit board setting SLOT
City once called 'Oil Capital of the World' TULSA
Cloud forest feature MIST
Cold spike ICICLE
Collapsible topper OPERAHAT
Collide with, with force PLOWINTO
Comfortable ATEASE
Dismounted ALIT
Doesn't just pass ACES
Dunham of 'Girls' LENA
Eldest of the Baldwin bothers ALEC
Emmy winner Christine LAHTI
Fidel's brother RAUL
Fire proof added to the four longest Across answers ASH
Fork feature TINE
Grand Canyon Natl. Pk. site ARIZ
Clues Answers
Green around the gills ILL
Group that 28-Across CAST
Hit the hay SLEPT
Hoedown partner GAL
Home to many celebs LALALAND
House figure WHIP
Houston hrs CST
Key on a map ISLE
Lament from a Disney rabbit IMLATE
Letter before Foxtrot ECHO
Mascara mess SMEAR
Minor malfunction GLITCH
Mirrored item in a disco? FLASHYBALL
Only state with a nonrectangular flag OHIO
Opportune RIPE
Ornamental plants ALOES
Oscar-nominated role for Will Smith ALI
Out of the studio ONLOCATION
Participant in a pecking order HEN
Paul of 'Ant-Man' RUDD
Player across the diamond from I Don't Know WHO
Queen who sings 'Let It Go' ELSA
Revealing SCANTY
Rhapsodize GUSH
Set of dishes MEAL
Some psychological tests BLOTS
Stage name of Margaretha Zelle MATAHARI
Starbucks order TALL
They can't be collected BADDEBTS
Torpedo's target, perhaps RAT
Unexpected rush SPATE
Used to be WAS
Vampire with spirited style? DASHINGBAT
War, to Sherman HELL