BuzzFeed - Jan 29 2016

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Clues Answers
'...psych!' NOT
'Batman' sound effect DIP
'Jumpin' Jack Flash, it's ___....' AGAS
'Right...there...' MAIM
'Serpico' or 'Scarface' TITLE
'William Tell' composer ROSSINI
1986 rock autobiography ITINA
Alison of 'Community' and 'Mad Men' POW
Architect of a famous pyramid IMPEI
Back-and-forth on a playground? BLOGS
Banished XORYOO
Benchmate of Elena FLEXORYING
Big ___ (beautiful stretch along Highway 1) SUR
Brouhaha TODO
Catch-22 and others SNOW
Cheese BRIE
Conspiring group CFOS
Could possibly INEXORYILE
Daughter of Muhammad LAILAALI
David who wrote the famous 'Coffee is for closers' monologue PDA
Desktop feature ICON
Drawer often sold in a set of 8 or 64 MIAMI
Ending to many language names ESE
Event that led to the most Facebook shares of all time? IPO
Final tribute killed in the first 'Hunger Games' named after a Roman statesman OPT
First line in an application, often GRASPED
First name in bald supervillainy ARIAS
Follower of tapes in music technology MAMET
Former home of the Mets, familiarly SHEA
Gen _____ XORYER
Go (for) CDS
Gun show activity? NAME
Hangout site for your bud? SARA
Clues Answers
Having only axes of width and height TWODIMENSIONAL
Improve, as acne EAR
Insurance giant LEXORY
Intro to communications? EMU
Ivy near the Schuylkill River UPENN
Kind of button PANIC
Like a nasty comment SNIDE
Location for much of 'Scarface' PIXORYIE
Making out at the movies, e.g AGORA
Mathematical system suggested by eight squares in this puzzle as well as its central symbol ONEAL
Melted away THAWED
Metered journeys TAXORYIRIDES
Middle part? ACTTWO
Monk song CHANT
Mythical creature with accompanying dust WORSE
Needs an adrenaline shot in the chest, perhaps ODS
Not high-pitched? SIDEARM
On edge AAH
Others south of the border OTRAS
Places to quickly grab some cheese? ATMS
Prefix with athlete TRI
Rahm Emanuel and Bill de Blasio MAXORYORS
Response to an incorrect guess TRXORYAGAIN
Seriously hurt MAXORY
Serpico and Scarface BETRAXORYER
Skull and Bonesman, for one XORYALIE
Some solos TELE
They can help with a 15-Across ALPACINO
Title girl in a song by Fleetwood Mac or Bob Dylan or Hall & Oates CARTESIANPLANE
Traitor SONIA
Understood CATO
Used to be WERE
Word before cups or Chicks DIXORYIE
_____-hoo CABAL