The Telegraph - CRYPTIC CROSSWORD NO: 28,020 - Jan 26 2016

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Clues Answers
Admire Riviera terraced houses RATE
Bird, headless chicken RAVEN
Boast about a century in Polish city CRACOW
Connoisseur's top bid for chest COFFER
Dedicated hospital given permission HALLOWED
Drive away one's husband following disqualification BANISH
Expecting interfering parents and their children to intervene INTHEFAMILYWAY
Expression of incredulity seen originally in a poem ASIF
Fall in ditch DROP
Flower in autumn? It's out around end of November NASTURTIUM
Forms an opinion on book JUDGES
Hard in small unfriendly place of learning SCHOOL
Hate extremely delicate examination DETEST
Individual touring clubs long ago ONCE
Clues Answers
Its effect in the sky gets no women excited? NEWMOON
Lower middle BULL
Master criminal amusing friend endlessly, in the morning back inside FUMANCHU
Musical item making racket -- surefire winner, opening in Oliver! CONCERTO
Number collecting wood for burning ONFIRE
Only son entering project JUST
Pick up telephone of rising Republican CALLFOR
Proposed relocation day MOVED
Put one in mind of watch left Eisenhower LOOKLIKE
Sponge made by winning team, unhappy with loaf UPSIDEDOWNCAKE
Strong wind getting up breaks safety device in part of plane FUSELAGE
Sweated labour in New York -- OK, possibly, if supporting daughter DONKEYWORK
T.S. Eliot wrong about leading edge of table knife STILETTO
When one chooses a woven cloth ATWILL