New York Times - Jan 17 2016

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Clues Answers
'He did not just say that!' OHSNAP
'If only ...' ALAS
'Lean Forward' sloganeer MSNBC
'Star Trek' virtual reality room HOLODECK
'The food of love,' per Shakespeare MUSIC
'To repeat ...' ISAID
'You don't know ___' BEANS
1.5 in a jigger: Abbr OZS
1856 antislavery novel DRED
19 things on a classical guitar FRETS
89-Down nickname, with 'the' BEEB
A-teamers ELITES
Accord competitor CAMRY
According to PER
Actor Robert of 'Licence to Kill' and 'The Goonies' DAVI
Advanced degree in math? NTH
Advancing LOANING
Anticipatory times DAWNS
Anticipatory times EVES
Application info SSN
Bela Lugosi's role in 'Son of Frankenstein' YGOR
Benzene derivative, for one ARYL
Bereavement LOSS
Big media inits BBC
Big name in Chicago politics DALEY
Big swig BELT
Blundering ERRING
Building add-on ELL
Castle-breaching explosive PETARD
Censors BLEEPS
Clatter DIN
Column on a flight board: Abbr ARRS
Confucian doctrine TAO
Crawling, say ONHA
Daily Planet photographer OLSEN
Data storage acronym ROM
Dr. J's do, once FRO
Drink for Hercule Poirot CRE
Dutch export EDAM
Email letters BCC
Experiences fame HASTHE
Expressions of doubt EHS
Exude OOZE
Facility EASE
Fall apart GOTORUIN
Family name of old TV ADDAMS
Fictitious TALL
Funnies drawing PANEL
Furnace work HEATING
Fury IRE
Group of friends CIRCLE
Hesitate in speech HEM
Highly rated issues AAABONDS
Hrs. for eBay listings PST
Idahoan's pride TATERS
Information often set in brackets ETYMOLOGY
Intel org. officially formed by Truman NSA
It makes for smooth sailing CALMSEA
Journalist Nellie who went around the world BLY
Klondike bar symbol POLARBEAR
Last word of grace AMEN
Lee who directed 'Life of Pi' ANG
Lightsaber battles DUELS
Like eyes after an all-nighter BLEARY
Clues Answers
Like villains, often BOOED
Logician's strong point REASONING
Loses juice? DRIES
Luge or figure skating WINTERSPORT
M.R.I. readers MDS
Malady caused by H2N2 ASIANFLU
Mao's successor HUA
Motocross racers, for short ATVS
New baby NEONATE
New Left org SDS
Newspaper desk METRO
Next-to-last word of grace, often LORD
Nickname for the only man to play in a Super Bowl and a World Series NEONDEION
Nothing but MERE
Obsolescence DISUSE
Org. with a hotline IRS
Origin of 'pooh-bah' THEMIKADO
PC key ESC
Pepsi employee BOTTLER
Philosopher Lao-___ TZE
Plus or minus thing BATT
Pop singer ___ Marie TEENA
Pronoun with an apostrophe YALL
Question asked while tapping a microphone IST
Relieves (of) RIDS
Round of four SEMIS
Russian line TSARS
Seedlets OVULES
Semiliquid lump GLOB
Sen. Gillibrand's home: Abbr NYS
Shakespearean title role TROILUS
Shamans, e.g HEALERS
Shock, in a way TASE
Single ONE
Solidify GEL
Some bank jobs, for short REFIS
Some family histories SAGAS
Some recap highlights TDS
Spreading belief? MANIFE
State capital in a mailing address STPAULMN
Suckers SAPS
Super G shape ESS
Symbol of strength OAK
Tasting like lamb MUTTONY
The 'N' of NGO NON
The king of Egypt has a part in it AIDA
They're the pits STONES
Thickets COPSES
Third X or O TOE
To the point ... or not pointed BLUNT
Tony-winning role for Robert Morse TRU
Toss in ADD
Trespass SIN
Typed, as data ENTEREDIN
Up-to-date MOD
Vietnamese sandwich BANHMI
War of 1812 battle site ERIE
Waters who sang 'Am I Blue?' ETHEL
What a film may be emailed as MPEGFILE
What causes storms to swirl in opposite directions in the Northern and Southern Hemispheres CORIOLISFORCE
Word with party or pail DINNER
World champion figure skater Thomas DEBI
[This is how it might have happened] DRAMA
___ army, group that marches across the earth in Revelation SATANS
___ libre (poetry form) VERS
___ Lubovitch Dance Company LAR
___ San Lucas, Mexico CABO
___ vez (again: Sp.) OTRA
___-cow MOO