Irish Times (Crosaire) - Jan 8 2016

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Clues Answers
Broadcasted support for writer BEAMED
Coming back to friend in band RALLYING
Doctors a herb for cold turkey REHAB
Doesn't fly very high? STONED
Elgar composed draft that had to be pulled LAGER
Good judge of writing cuts through the cheesy ones GRATER
Got around tip of Cork with a registered vehicle for boy racer GOKART
Guy selling barstools perhaps is on top of the board CHAIRMAN
Hall porter releases rope for old slave THRALL
Has permission to approach Bloom - the pilgrims were taken away by it MAYFLOWER
Is out there to lift lid off secret OVERT
It's a measure of how hard people are working to tidy up Victor Rock PRODUCTIVITY
Like 13 across, is a ringer for first youngster and too often, one has a reputation for having a six-pack BEERBELLY
Ming maps way for distribution of junk SPAMMING
Clues Answers
One church loses head with one of The Wise Men? When hell freezes over perhaps! ICEAGE
Part of the movie is on location with a really crucial moment involving a court scene SETPOINT
Pass Bill over first lecture papers? Excellent! SPLENDID
Pay for recipe from English fishy menu with a serious shortage of food? REMUNERATION
Period in the abbey is a pleasure PLAYTIME
Person gets stolen goods to despatch from business under court protection RECEIVERSHIP
Puts forward rough spots around island POSITS
Puts pen to paper for one small English permit AUTHORISE
Something for the detective to do with Mick's reports? The travellers are bound to swallow them! TRAILMIX
Sounds completely powerless for the Christians HOLYWEEK
Sounds like something on the car is worn out ATTIRE
Turns up small address in Paris - and with conditions! TERMS
USA routes designed for one of those getting married TROUSSEAU
Worker and sailor on holiday near Athlone with socialite MANABOUTTOWN