Wall Street Journal - May 2 2008 - May 02, 2008 - Heart of Change

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Clues Answers
'Emeril Live' star LAGASSE
'I Should've Known' singer Mann AIMEE
'NUMB3RS' co-star Diane FARR
'Science Guy' Bill NYE
'Sorta' suffix ISH
'___ grip!' GETA
'___ voce poco fa' (Rossini aria) UNA
'¿___ pasa?' QUE
2005 Oscar winner for Best Picture CRASH
A, in Aachen EIN
Abandoned inflection DRONED
Animated character TOON
Annual dinner SEDER
Appropriate inappropriately USURP
Bankroll WAD
Bankroll makeup ONES
Be behind OWE
Be nosy about PRYINTO
Big name in dining guides ZAGAT
Boxer Holyfield EVANDER
Brooks of country GARTH
Cancun cash PESOS
Cannoli fill RICOTTA
Captivate ENGROSS
Carrot's paler cousin PARSNIP
Chef's special, usually ENTREE
City opposite the island of Elephantine ASWAN
Cloud chamber bit ION
Cole Porter's 'I ___ Love' AMIN
Come clean FESSUP
Comes up with DEVISES
Construction paper shapes CUTOUTS
Contravenes VIOLATES
Cost of staying in ANTE
Court doings ACTA
Cranes do it WADE
Crunch in the supermarket CAPN
Crunch targets ABS
Cry of 'Small burgers only!' at McDonald's? GIVENOQUARTERPOUNDERS
Dian Fossey subject APE
Diner, say EATERY
Dylan Thomas's birthplace SWANSEA
Economical LEAN
Emotionally demanding NEEDY
Emphatic turndown IMEANNO
Epigrammatic TERSE
Estimate ending ORSO
Exhausts USESUP
Expended PAIDOUT
Fall venue EDEN
First family of 1850 TAYLORS
First-rate TOPS
Flexible wood YEW
Flight deck figure COPILOT
Food preservative: Abbr. BHA
Former Georgia senator Miller ZELL
Frame works ART
Game piece DIE
Gets around EVADES
Glasgow girl LASS
Gluck of the Met ALMA
Going to a lot of trouble ATPAINS
Greek consonants NUS
Guitarist, in slang AXEMAN
He's beyond belief ATHEIST
Hosp. area CCU
Clues Answers
Hotel freebie SOAP
Hydrocarbon ending ANE
ID sought by phishers SSN
In a furious way IRATELY
Insignificant TWOBIT
Italian dressing ingredient OREGANO
James Bay native CREE
Jeep model WRANGLER
Kicker's aid TEE
Landed a helicopter atop Woolworth's? STOPPEDONADIMESTORE
Line from a hack REIN
Lofty works ODES
Long Island university ADELPHI
Mare fare OATS
Market wheeler-dealers, briefly ARBS
Marks well HEEDS
Maximum UTMOST
Mechanics' focuses MOTORS
Mexico's ___ Vallarta PUERTO
MGM founder LOEW
Migratory fish EEL
Motel 6 rival DAYSINN
Mouthless comics character DILBERT
Name for a bargain gaming hall? WORTHEVERYPENNYARCADE
Not nodding ALERT
Number of minutes in a soccer game NINETY
O'Keeffe painted there TAOS
Oink spot? STY
Order, in the court WRIT
Pearl S. Buck heroine OLAN
Peripheral OUTER
Pester for payment DUN
Pitchers Lowell and Jim PALMERS
Planet, poetically ORB
Potsticker cooker WOKS
Prince Valiant's son ARN
Quaint footwear GAITERS
Quarterback David CARR
R2-D2 and C-3PO, e.g. DROIDS
Readied PRIMED
Sch. with six Heisman Trophy winners OSU
Send to Siberia EXILE
Set aside SAVE
Shooting marble TAW
Skimpy suits SPEEDOS
Soul mate? HEART
Start of a Tony Orlando song title TIEA
Stretched to the max TAUTEST
Swabbies TARS
Swelled heads EGOS
The Blue and the Gray. e.g. ENEMIES
The New Yorker founder Harold ROSS
The University of the South, familiarly SEWANEE
Ticked off ANGERED
Tiny toiler ANT
Travel smoothly SAIL
Voting booth feature LEVER
Wade's court opponent ROE
What a film does as it's projected UNREELS
Where cheap parishioners put their offerings? PLUGGEDNICKELPLATES
Where extra words have been added to four answers in this puzzle THEOTHERSIDEOFTHECOIN
Where Jack the Ripper killed EASTEND
Whirlpool subsidiary AMANA
Whistle blowers REFS
You might wear it out COAT