L.A. Times Daily - Jan 3 2016

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Clues Answers
"American Dad!" dad STAN
"Dust to Dust" author Hoag TAMI
"Fifty Shades of Grey" author ELJAMES
"No bickering!" BENICE
"Now I see!" AHA
"Somewhere in Time" band IRONMAIDEN
"Wanna __?" BET
"Whatever" MEH
1994 comedy with an oxymoronic title TRUELIES
2008 honor for Joe Cocker: Abbr OBE
2015 Etsy milestone, initially IPO
96-Down governing group SENAT
Affects adversely CUTSINTO
Afternoon TV fare SOAP
Anderson of "WKRP in Cincinnati" LONI
Anise-flavored aperitif OUZO
Anonymous one JANEDOE
Apple Watch assistant SIRI
Avid bird watcher? CAT
Best Actress Tony winner in "Wicked" IDINAMENZEL
Boot camp nickname SARGE
Botch BLOW
Bridge measure SPAN
Bridge positions EASTS
Bugs with horns VWS
Calorie-laden dessert TORTE
Car owner's obligation AUTOLOAN
Casino convenience ATM
Celestial circles HALOES
Cheese in some bagels ASIAGO
Chocolate-filled cookie MILANO
Circus attraction SIDESHOW
Cold War KGB chairman Andropov YURI
Coming up INSTORE
Cortez's gold ORO
Counterfeit watchdog, for short TMAN
County bordering Santa Fe County LOSALAMOS
Courtroom vouchers? ALIBIS
Creole-speaking island nation HAITI
De Beauvoir, to Sartre AMIE
Decorative plaster STUCCO
Digital readouts, briefly LCDS
Disney mermaid ARIEL
Dogie collar? LARIAT
Dot follower, at times COM
Dot follower, at times NET
Downfall RUIN
Environmental warning SMOGALERT
Exercise units REPS
Express SAY
Fall color ORANGE
Fannie __ MAE
Fictional detective whose first name is Endeavour INSPECTORMORSE
Fifth pillar of Islam HAJJ
Fightin' with AGIN
First-rate STELLAR
Form attachment? ULA
Fray, say WEAR
Fruit-eating fictional race ELOI
Golfer Poulter IAN
GroupMe exchanges, briefly, and a hint to this puzzle's eight longest answers IMS
Guitarist Paul LES
High in calories RICH
Hotel with a Gold Passport loyalty program HYATT
Icon after "Not a member?" JOINNOW
Interstate giant SEMI
Intrusive vine KUDZU
Jobs for grad students TAS
Knowledge seekers INQUIRINGMINDS
Lady in a 1955 film SPANIEL
Less stuffy AIRIER
Clues Answers
Like some rats ALBINO
Lipstick characteristic MATTE
Magazine extra INSERT
Make true ALIGN
Mermaid's home OCEAN
Molokai neighbor MAUI
Motel convenience ICEMACHINE
Mother __ EARTH
Namely TOWIT
Never, to Nietzsche NIE
Nice concept? IDEE
Not up to par ILL
Paranormal power ESP
PC hookup LAN
Pitcher Sparky LYLE
Place to have poi LUAU
Plan in detail MAPOUT
Playful bite NIP
Popular buying club SAMS
Potent ending? IAL
Put to work USE
Record book LEDGER
Reprobate SINNER
Rescuer of Odysseus INO
Resting easy ATPEACE
Rock of comedy CHRIS
Roman province governed by Pontius Pilate JUDEA
Rush or Cream TRIO
Sci. concerned with climate change ECOL
Self-reflective musing ISITME
Sensitive thing to touch RAWNERVE
Sharpie output INDELIBLEMARK
She played Fantine in "Les Misérables" UMA
Sister of Cordelia GONERIL
Skinny POOP
Slightly larger than tall, at Starbucks GRANDE
Some Windows systems NTS
Sought a seat RAN
Spanish peak MONTE
Spot check? LEASH
Spreading tree ELM
Squat NONE
Staying power LEGS
Stun with a gun TASE
Take to court SUE
Tapped into DREWON
TD Garden NBA team CELTS
That, to Juanita ESA
The king of Spain? ELREY
Thing to fill or bridge AGAP
Throw hard GUN
Time to see stars NIGHT
Times for reflection IDLEMOMENTS
Tournament passes BYES
U. of Maryland player TERP
Unconnected DISCRETE
Unconventional OUTTHERE
Uninherited wealth NEWMONEY
Upscale boarding facility PETSPA
Uses a straw SUCKS
Water color AQUA
Where I-86 and I-15 meet IDA
Wichita-to-Duluth dir NNE
With reverence SACREDLY
Wranglers alternative LEES
Xanadu locale, now INNERMONGOLIA
Years and years AGES
__ debt of gratitude OWEA
__ du Louvre MUSEE
__ dye: food-coloring compound AZO