L.A. Times Daily - Dec 20 2015

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Clues Answers
"... baked __" INAPIE
"Goodness me!" MYSTARS
"Later!" SEEYA
"Ring Cycle" goddess ERDA
"The Joy Luck Club" author AMYTAN
12-member oil gp OPEC
1963 hit on the flip side of "Candy Girl" MARLENA
22-year-old golf phenom Jordan who won the Masters, U.S. Open and FedExCup in 2015 SPIETH
Anesthetize DRUG
Attending an afternoon social ATTEA
Balearic island IBIZA
Basketball Hall of Famer who was inducted while a U.S. senator BRADLEY
Before the crowd EARLY
Big name in fabric stores JOANN
Blinking and sweating, in poker TELLS
Bonn's river, in Bonn RHEIN
Catching-on cry AHA
Chicago mayor Emanuel RAHM
Chooses ELECTS
Chose, with "for" OPTED
Cocktail made with Southern Comfort ALABAMASLAMMER
Comeback ANSWER
Common Market inits EEC
Conductor's setting TEMPO
Cookbook amts TBSPS
Cough drop LOZENGE
Cut back on food intake ATELESS
Dalai __ LAMA
Dance with a queen PROM
Deodorant options ROLLONS
Derogatory remark SLUR
Diamond org MLB
Disreputable SHADY
Dockworker's org ILA
Dog days mo AUG
Dog once shunned because it wasn't black CHOCOLATELAB
Down Under howdy GDAY
Drawing stick CRAYON
Drive-thru transactions: Abbr DEPS
Eighth-century year DCCI
Envelope-to-the-forehead TV persona CARNAC
Eponymous band location ESTREET
Expert MAVEN
Facebook tally LIKES
Fair-hiring initials EEO
Fatty compounds LIPIDS
Film lover's collectible CEL
For instance SAY
Friendly GENIAL
From, in German names VON
Gastronome EPICURE
Gave up the ball PUNTED
Geologic time unit EON
GPS offering RTE
Gradually gather GLEAN
Grassland PRAIRIE
Guerra's opposite PAZ
Harlem sch CCNY
How chop suey may be served ONRICE
How food may be salted TOTASTE
How some flowers are planted INROWS
Idle drawing DOODLE
In some respects OFASORT
Integra maker ACURA
Irritated response to "Aren't you awake yet?" IAMNOW
It starts in Mar SPR
Italy's La __ SCALA
Joined in a film lab SPLICED
Clues Answers
Kate, before being "tamed" SHREW
King who succeeds his father, say DYNAST
Leeway metaphor ROPE
Like an ill-equipped rowboat OARLESS
Like some hygiene ORAL
Look beyond SEEPAST
Look the wrong way, maybe CHEAT
Ltr.-bottom letters ENCL
Machu Picchu dweller INCA
Marx not seen in films KARL
Mechanic's set TOOLKIT
Mets' rival NATS
Modifying words RELATIVECLAUSE
Monthly budget amt MTGE
Muscle malady SPASM
Nuts in some ice cream PECANS
Of the highest quality AONE
Offended smack SLAP
Old televangelist org PTL
Old, to Oskar ALTE
One of 400,000-plus in the U.S ATM
One swinging in a box BATTER
Origins ROOTS
Oscar winner at age 10 ONEAL
Passel TON
Persian sovereigns SHAHS
Piece on top TOUPEE
Plural French pronoun ILS
Pole or Croat SLAV
Pond plants ALGAE
Prince __ Khan ALY
Race with gates SLALOM
Rat, for one RODENT
Relinquishing of rights WAIVER
Reproductive units SPORES
Sailing component? SILENTI
School attendance drop-off cause FLU
School barometer TEST
Security measure BURGLARALARM
Sicilian resort ENNA
Slender fish EEL
Speedy FLEET
Starbucks order VANILLALATTE
Steamed IRATE
Steinbeck novel set in Monterey TORTILLAFLAT
Stick in ADD
Sub compartment AIRLOCK
Superman's symbol ESS
Survived the test BOREUP
Syrup source TREESAP
Takes it easy LOAFS
Texter's "Beats me" IDK
Texter's guffaw ROFL
The Little Mermaid ARIEL
Theater sections LOGES
Threaded hardware SCREW
Tryster's request MEETME
Vampire's bed? CASKET
Vicinity AREA
Web browser? SPIDER
What landlubbers lack SEALEGS
Windows material PLATEGLASS
With "The," 2002 Steven Pinker best-seller subtitled "The Modern Denial of Human Nature" BLANKSLATE
Wranglers, e.g JEEPS
X's in some letters KISSES
__ cum laude MAGNA
__ Miguel, largest of the Azores SAO
__ officer PAROLE
__ salad GREEK
__ student MED