Universal - Apr 16 2008

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Clues Answers
''Critique of Pure Reason'' writer KANT
''Oh, me!'' ALAS
''The Art of Love'' poet OVID
Aged beer LAGER
Ballroom dance in triple time WALTZ
Be televised AIR
Big crop in Hawaii SUGARCANE
Bird's beak NEB
Cabbie's income FARES
City map PLAT
Compass dir. near 2 o'clock ENE
Continue, as a subscription RENEW
Convoy apparatus RIG
Crib contents CORN
Delicately pretty DAINTY
Dentist's supply NOVOCAINE
Domed-roof structures APSES
Dormitory staples BEDS
Em or Pittypat AUNT
Everyone except the clergy LAITY
Eye enhancer LINER
Fictional sleuth Wolfe NERO
Fiscal period YEAR
French cleric ABBE
Funeral conflagration PYRE
Gambling bug, e.g. URGE
Glittery material LAME
Good physical health VIGOR
Hoofed it TROD
It goes with almost anything BEIGE
It keeps the chill out SCARF
It was spent on the Riviera FRANC
Jacob's father-in-law LABAN
Kind of trombone SLIDE
Kirby of ''City Slickers'' BRUNO
Kitchen staple, once LARD
Lithesome SVELTE
Make hourly EARN
Clues Answers
Making a fuss RAISINGCAIN
Malaria symptom AGUE
Maximum altitude APOGEE
Microscopic TEENY
Most artful SLIEST
Note book? SCORE
On the sheltered side ALEE
Oppositional prefix ANTI
Pace up and down FRET
Parts of window treatments RODS
Passenger's concern, briefly ETA
Perpetual, in poesy ETERNE
Physical stature BUILD
Piano practice piece ETUDE
Place for a fall PRAT
Plastered PIEEYED
Proofer's retraction STET
Ragged mountain ridge ARETE
Reason BASIS
Reddish brown horse SORREL
Scottish dances REELS
Sea bird or Irish lough ERNE
Severe blows GALES
Some unmentionables BRAS
Sphere of operation AMBIT
Story setting LOCALE
Sub who is part of a cast STANDIN
Surname assigned to an unknown DOE
Terse R.S.V.P. RUES
The Auld Sod, poetically ERIN
The cheaper spread OLEO
They tie in the back APRONS
They're connected DOTS
Traditional Spanish dish PAELLA
Unruffled PLACID
Up to the task ABLE
Viper ASP
With the greatest of ___ EASE
___ new world record SETA