L.A. Times Daily - Mar 14 2008

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Clues Answers
"Hair" style AFRO
"In my opinion ..." TOME
"Ni-i-ice!" AAH
"Seriously!" NOJOKE
"__ gloom of night ..." NOR
"__ that special!" ISNT
'60s theater, briefly NAM
19th Greek letter TAU
Bar that engages with a ratchet PAWL
Big bird RHEA
BP takers, at times RNS
Bristlelike parts SETAE
Brusque SHORT
Cologne complaint ACH
Condition TERM
Crusty entrГ©e POTPIE
Davis of "Do the Right Thing" OSSIE
Dietary std. RDA
Dijon dance step? FRENCHPAS
Diva's delivery ARIA
Drama with choral chants NOH
Easy, and what this puzzle's theme answers literally are EFFORTLESS
Extra dry ARID
Features of Mars and Earth ICECAPS
Fictional little jumper ROO
Flat sign TOLET
Get to EATAT
Goodwill VIP AMB
Herring delicacy SHADROE
Homer's donut supplier APU
Inappropriate pew wear? CHURCHMINIS
Irritates, as nerves JANGLES
Istanbul inn IMARET
It goes through the wringer MOP
It may follow a cut ANTE
Its whereabouts are a secret STASH
Job ad letters EOE
Clues Answers
League member ARAB
Least imposing TINIEST
Mañana's opposite NOCHE
More eccentric NUTSIER
Movement that might leave you reeling OPART
MS. sheet FOL
Musical interval also called an augmented fourth TRITONE
Mystery writer on the go? POEINMOTION
Narc closer OTIC
Nautical tow ropes HAWSERS
NBA's Yao Ming, for one CTR
Net worth factor DEBT
One of the Katzenjammer Kids HANS
One who doesn't stand on ceremony? ELOPER
Ordinal suffix ETH
Org. with long lines? DMV
Packs to the max CRAMSIN
Part of EMS: Abbr. SERV
Polis starter ACRO
Rain, to a mudder? WINWEATHER
Range components: Abbr. MTNS
Ready for anything ONALERT
Repulsive OBSCENE
Requiring no human intervention ONAUTO
Response to an error, maybe BOO
Rock genre GLAM
Sets up for a scam ROPESIN
Shortcake's dad, to Fonzie MRC
Some IRA investments CDS
Something to go for? BROKE
Start of a modern address HTTP
Suffering from insomnia, perhaps STILLUP
Ties that bind TRUSSES
Two-time Indy 500 champ Luyendyk ARIE
Union whose largest locals are in L.A. and N.Y.C. AFTRA
Went wild RANRIOT
Work with feet POEM