- Jan 15 2008

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Clues Answers
'A __ of Two Cities' TALE
'Bewitched' role ENDORA
'Little Caesar' role RICO
'__ fan tutte' COSI
Abstruse ARCANE
Actress Peeples NIA
Albania's capital TIRANA
Amateur mag. ZINE
Amazing magician RANDI
Aquarium acquisitions TETRAS
Aquatic mammals OTTERS
Be dependent RELY
Bellow ROAR
Bit of asparagus SPEAR
Bright star in Eridanus ACHERNAR
Broke away SECEDED
Cabbage-shaped decoration CHOU
Capital of Schleswig-Holstein KIEL
Christmas song CAROL
Circle segments ARCS
Comic Johnson ARTE
Concede ALLOW
Correct RIGHT
Cricket sound CHIRR
Does and bucks DEER
Drawn tight TAUT
Dreadlocks wearer RASTA
Dutch cheese EDAM
Easy gait AMBLE
Egyptian symbol of life ANKH
Engine conduit HOSE
Essayist's alias ELIA
Eye part IRIS
Fainthearted TIMID
Faultless PERFECT
Fodder storage site SILO
Clues Answers
Geneva's river RHONE
Help with a heist ABET
Kingdom of Tereus THRACE
Knightly excursions? ERRANTRY
Legal wrong TORT
Like an encyclopedist ERUDITE
Mavens ACES
Metric mass unit GRAM
Modifications CHANGES
Nabokov novel ADA
Nail smoother EMERY
Newspaper chiefs EDITORS
Nonstick material TEFLON
Pairs TWOS
Pine exudation RESIN
Poke fun at RIB
Polyphonic pieces MOTETS
Poncho relative SERAPE
Resting LYING
Shoe material SUEDE
Sighted ESPIED
Steal away ELOPE
Suffix with disk ETTE
Synthetic fabric RAYON
Take a hold of GRASP
Thespian ACTOR
Trig. function COSEC
Untrue NOTSO
Valerie Harper TV role RHODA
Virgin MAID
Waikiki welcome LEI
Where Alexandria is NILEDELTA
Writer Nin ANAIS
__ about (lawyer's phrase) ONOR