USA Today - Feb 7 2008

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Clues Answers
''How stupid of me!'' DUH
''La la'' preceder TRA
1965 song by the Sir Douglas Quintet SHESABOUTAMOVER
1966 song by the Beatles PAPERBACKWRITER
1973 Supreme Court decision name WADE
1975 hit for The Carpenters PLEASEMRPOSTMAN
Absorbs, as a loss EATS
Adjust the record book RELOG
Amoco competitor CITGO
Animal variety BREED
Aspiring atty's exam LSAT
Australian export OPAL
Author Sholem ASCH
Beast in Numbers ASS
Best Director of 1997 CAMERON
Bouquets ODORS
Call from a ward NURSE
Certain NCO SSGT
Chinese dollar YUAN
Choir pieces HYMNS
Conductor ___-Pekka Salonen ESA
Confessor's list SINS
Continental divide? OCEAN
Designer's concern DECOR
Does a hatchet job on HEWS
Eponymous Utah tribe UTE
Eritrea's capital ASMARA
Exchange for fast cash HOCK
First creature off the ark RAVEN
Fossey's study APES
Go over like ___ balloon ALEAD
Gossip morsels TIDBITS
Has a tantrum RAGES
Has the skill KNOWSHOW
Hooch holders FLASKS
Ireland's ___ Lingus AER
Is a poor loser SULKS
It can be hard to swallow PILL
Clues Answers
It makes mine a double? OURS
It's bought and soled SHOE
It's perfectly fine to belt them WAISTS
It's pumped in Canada ESSO
Left slumberland AWOKE
Like a Poindexter NERDY
Like some rumors IDLE
Make a mess? COOK
Mary Poppins, e.g. NANNY
Middle Eastern capital SANA
Millionaire's intro? MULTI
Mollify EASE
Monocle, for one LENS
Need a lift SAG
Not worth quitting over BEARABLE
Old geographical initials SSRS
P.O. items LTRS
Paul of pet food IAMS
Rio Treaty implementer, briefly OAS
Royal flush card ACE
SASEs, e.g. ENCS
Semi conductor? CBER
Singer k.d. LANG
Sit in the sun BAKE
Size zero, e.g. PETITE
Slangy suffix OLA
Some lilies SEGOS
Space heaters? SUNS
Speak Persian MEOW
Spending limit CAP
Staff note SOL
Subject of psychoanalysis SELF
Suggestion box contents INPUT
They're hard when ripped ABS
Trashes PANS
Turkey club? NATO
Wedding attendant GROOMSMAN
Writer LeShan EDA