Universal - Oct 25 2015

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Clues Answers
"Ah, me!" ALAS
"None of the above" choice OTHER
"Pomp and Circumstance" writer ELGAR
"___ and the King of Siam" ANNA
"___ day now ..." ANY
Abbr. in a marathon time HRS
Acknowledge a stimulus REACT
Airport info ETA
Ancient alphabetic character RUNE
Answers to charges PLEAS
Apia's home SAMOA
Ashes container URN
Awkward GAWKY
Ballpark music maker ORGAN
Banned bug-killer DDT
Baseball blunders ERRORS
Be in mourning GRIEVE
Bench-press unit REP
Breaks commandments SINS
Bring shame to ABASH
Came in first WON
Chauffeured DROVE
Continental money EUROS
Cooking wine SHERRY
Crimson Tide, informally BAMA
Demolition letters TNT
Destitute NEEDY
Do a summer lawn job MOW
Does some keyboarding TYPES
Emotional connection RAPPORT
Ended a fast ATE
Fee for grazing cattle AGIST
Football foursome DOWNS
Game played on horseback POLO
Golf prop TEE
Greeks gathered here AGORA
Guiding principle CREED
Gun, as an engine REV
Clues Answers
Harass with persistent criticism TAUNT
Head for business? BOSS
Heretofore ASYET
Homebuyer's outlay DOWNPAYMENT
In a spine-tingling way EERILY
Insolent look SNEER
Iowa State location AMES
IV procedure DRIP
Jewish month ADAR
Lampooned SENTUP
Large country in Africa SUDAN
Largest bone in the body FEMUR
Length x width, for a rectangle AREA
Lifeboat lowerer DAVIT
Lubricate OIL
Male delivery? SON
Miracle-___ (garden product) GRO
Most slow-witted DENSEST
Motorless vessel ROWBOAT
Not just "a" THE
Old World plover PEEWIT
Packing-weight deductions TRETS
Plunderer's take SWAG
Psychoanalysis subject EGO
Realistic and practical DOWNTOEARTH
Rollaway bed TRUNDLE
ShankarГ%82's instrument SITAR
Short-handled axe HATCHET
Short-lived rage FAD
Siamese and Persian CATS
Some Air Force NCOs SSGTS
Stranded motorist's need TOW
Tarzan's swing LIANA
Tax form ID SSN
Tot's vehicle, for short TRIKE
Voiced sounds SONANTS
Windjammer gear SAILS
Work hard TOIL