USA Today - Jan 23 2008

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Clues Answers
''. . . ___ thousand times'' NOA
''Are you ___ out?'' (poker query) INOR
''The Farmer in the Dell'' syllables HIHO
''___ Dinah'' (Frankie Avalon hit) DEDE
''___ fair in love . . .'' ALLS
''___ Less Ordinary'' (1997 film) ALIFE
''___ Name'' (Jim Croce hit) IGOTA
Abu Dhabi bigwig (Var.) AMIR
Actors Alan and Robert ALDAS
Al ___ (firm) DENTE
Arctic abode IGLOO
Bar in the bathroom SOAP
Bat's navigation aid ECHO
Beyond partner ABOVE
Blackjack component TEN
Boiling IRATE
Brilliant achievement ECLAT
Burns, Bell and Boswell SCOTS
Call to share a secret? PSST
Catatonic states COMAS
Chalked item CUE
Cigarette pkgs. CTNS
Collision sound BANG
Cornerstone abbr. ESTAB
Cousin of a bittern EGRET
Datum sought by ID thieves SSN
Diminished ABATED
Earth Day subj. ECOL
Ends up with NETS
Future ensign's org. NROTC
Gang up UNITE
Get-go ONSET
Hip nightclub JOINT
Hither's opposite YON
Hootenanny participant GAL
Inflatable item EGO
It takes your breath away APNEA
Jolly Roger, for one FLAG
Leg-of-mutton sleeve GIGOT
Clues Answers
Like the one born first OLDEST
Loadmaster's concern CARGO
Mint bar INGOT
Monogram of Hyde's creator RLS
Much-much separator TOO
Musical sound TONE
On the Coral ASEA
Paddock sound NEIGH
Pandemonium's lack ORDER
Part of a yen SEN
Place to roll 'em SET
Polyester trademark DACRON
Pub buddies MATES
Public relations need TACT
Realtor's database, briefly MLS
Recently OFLATE
Revolutionary War general Thomas GAGE
San Simeon castle HEARST
Score of zero NIL
Scratch the surface of MAR
Self-centered '50s TV personality? GEORGEGOBEL
Self-centered actor of ''The 'Burbs''? GALEGORDON
Self-centered Australian tennis star? EVONNEGOOLAGONG
Self-centered Leakey cohort? JANEGOODALL
Self-centered pop singer? EYDIEGORME
Severely pelted STONED
Shortstop's asset RANGE
Soft ending? EST
South Seas starch sources TAROS
Stand for a sitting EASEL
Stand-in for a file ICON
Stew or miscellany OLIO
Swampy ground BOG
The ''O'' of O Magazine OPRAH
Wainscots DADOS
Wastes time (with ''off'') GOOFS
Word with ''movie'' or ''theater'' GOER
Wouldn't stop talking RANON
___ mode ALA