Eugene Sheffer - King Feature Syndicate - Aug 7 2015

Clues Answers
'Ghosts' playwright IBSEN
'Likewise' IDOTOO
'Swann's Way' writer PROUST
... in this city ESSEN
4 qts GAL
Actress Neuwirth BEBE
Bassoon's kin OBOE
Bowling alley button RESET
Break a Commandment COVET
Bush league? (Abbr.) GOP
Cactus also called mescal PEYOTE
CBS logo EYE
Chopin piece ETUDE
Commandeered USURPED
Common article .. DER
Copper head? ABE
Corral PEN
Corrode EAT
Crafty SLY
Cushion PAD
D.C. title SEN
Early bird? EGG
Ellerbee or Ronstadt LINDA
Em halves ENS
Enjoyed greatly ATEUP
Fry lightly SAUTE
Fuss and feathers ADO
Go astray SIN
Grown-up nit LOUSE
He played Nero in 'Quo Vadis' USTINOV
Heron's cousin EGRET
Clues Answers
Illustrations ART
Ivanovic of tennis ANA
Jack (up) HOIST
Lead-tin alloy used for joining SOLDER
Leaves in hot water? TEA
Many are proper subjects NOUNS
Meadow LEA
More detailed map INSET
Norway's capital OSLO
Onetime Clinton rival DOLE
Pacific island nation NAURU
Pedestal occupants IDOLS
Pirouette pivot TOE
Pretty much USUALLY
Right on the map EAST
River of forgetfulness LETHE
Rowing need OAR
Salt Lake tribe member UTE
Shock partner AWE
Societal level CASTE
Sort of dive HEADER
The girl HER
They give a hoot OWLS
Toper's interruption HIC
Vestige TRACE
Vietnam city HANOI
Virgin Islands, for ex TERR
Waiting area LOUNGE
Zealous ARDENT