New York Times - May 13 2015

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Clues Answers
'Whatcha ___?' DOIN
'Zoom-zoom' sloganeer MAZDA
'___ luego' HASTA
'___ you with me?' ARE
1958 film by 61-Across TOUCHOFEVIL
2013 Spike Jonze film HER
61-Across's role in 24-Across HARRYLIME
Accepts after a while ADAPTSTO
Against ANTI
Akio who co-founded Sony MORITA
Alternative to boeuf or jambon PORC
Bake, as a shelled egg SHIRR
Bids one club, say OPENS
Brownie ELF
Bryophitic growths MOSSES
Business card no TEL
Caustic substance LYE
Color whose name comes from Urdu KHAKI
Corrida cry OLE
Coyly playful KITTENISH
Crooner Williams ANDY
Custodial implement MOP
Dearie PET
Destroy, as paper documents SHRED
Directorial triumph for 61-Across CITIZENKANE
Donna of Clinton's cabinet SHALALA
Eyelashes, scientifically CILIA
Figure in 'The Exorcist' PRIEST
Film featuring 61-Across THETHIRDMAN
Friend of Eeyore ROO
Get discouraged LOSEHEART
Greek vowels ETAS
Groovy, updated RAD
Hair-raising cry EEK
Hither's partner YON
Hosp. areas ORS
It's debatable ISSUE
Johnson of comedy ARTE
Kind of strength related to stress TENSILE
Knee-slapper HOOT
Clues Answers
Kwik-E-Mart clerk APU
Leatherworking tool AWL
Like a have-not NEEDY
Many a pilgrim to Mecca SHIA
Marijuana psychoactive component, briefly THC
Monopoly quartet: Abbr RRS
Monster of Greek myth HARPY
Muse for Keats ERATO
Neeson of 'Taken' LIAM
Nincompoop ASS
Noted director/actor born in May 1915 ORSONWELLES
Number of graduates in the first class at West Point TWO
Org. with monitors EPA
Out of moves, in chess MATED
Pastoral mother EWE
Piedmont wine ASTI
Pine (for) YEARN
Prehensile ___ TAIL
Result of rapid service? ACE
Roman Stoic philosopher SENECA
Sandbar SHOAL
School of thought ISM
See 39-Across THEWORLDS
Series of online comments THREAD
Shimmer colorfully OPALESCE
Singer DiFranco ANI
Singer with the 2006 #1 hit 'So Sick' NEYO
Some fancy party wear HEELS
Speaker at many a corporate retreat MOTIVATOR
Surmounting ATOP
Take for better or for worse, say WED
They're often seen nesting in a kitchen PANS
Things checked by the T.S.A IDS
Tourist island in the Gulf of Naples ISCHIA
Treasure lost on the Spanish Main ORO
Web addresses, briefly URLS
What the original Kama Sutra lacked, surprisingly EROTICART
With 43-Across, panic-inducing production of 61-Across THEWAROF
___-Seltzer ALKA
___-told OFT