- May 6 2015

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Clues Answers
''It's on the house'' NOCHARGE
''Real Time'' host on HBO MAHER
''That's a shame'' ALAS
17 Across' masterwork CITIZENKANE
1949 film noir starring 17 Across THETHIRDMAN
1958 film starring, written and directed by 17 Across TOUCHOFEVIL
Accelerate, with ''up'' REV
Actress Berry HALLE
Amp input label MIC
Appraised RATED
Ben Stiller's mom MEARA
Borzoi or boxer DOG
Bout stopper, for short TKO
Bowled over AMAZED
Bullfight cry OLE
Burger bun seed source SESAME
Cat Chow request, perhaps MEOW
Catered party AFFAIR
Chapters of history ERAS
Cinema legend born 100 years ago today ORSONWELLES
Claim in court ALLEGE
Cleopatra's realm EGYPT
Colonizing bug ANT
Composer Gustav MAHLER
Cooing birds DOVES
Could possibly MAY
Crew team member ROWER
Delhi dress SARI
Diminutive suffix ETTE
Droop in the sun WILT
Dustcloths RAGS
EMT specialty CPR
Everyday speech PROSE
Glee club voice ALTO
Glee club voice BASS
Glittering, as some skies STARRY
Habeas corpus, for one WRIT
Clues Answers
Happen ARISE
Hats, so to speak LIDS
Holding a grudge BITTER
Hotel patron GUEST
Japanese verse HAIKU
Korean auto KIA
Letter after pi RHO
Little kid TOT
Lose one's cool GOAPE
Made up for ATONED
Maritime tanker OILER
Medical ins. plan HMO
Muffin alternatives SCONES
Musical aptitude EAR
Night-sch. class ESL
Officeholder, for short POL
Overdo it on stage EMOTE
Paycheck amount NET
Power sources FUELS
Quarterback Manning ELI
Roth plan, for one IRA
Satellite paths ORBITS
Scrabble play WORD
See eye to eye AGREE
Shakespearean title starter ALLS
Showing no emotion STOIC
Sibling, for short SIS
Sore spot ACHE
Stuck-up person SNOB
Summer attire SUNDRESS
Tablet download APP
Takes a break RESTS
Twosome PAIR
Utter confusion CHAOS
Watched secretly SPIEDON
Whitish gems OPALS
__ and hearty (healthy) HALE
__ mater ALMA