The Telegraph - CRYPTIC CROSSWORD NO: 27,780 - Apr 20 2015

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Clues Answers
A leading publication? GUIDE
A student is after an alternative test ORAL
Alterations in the bell-ringer's programme CHANGES
Back possibly sore after final ENDORSE
Barrel end of a gun BUTT
Beginning of last month turned very cold ICED
Boring outside broadcast TEDIOUS
Broadside written in colossal volume SALVO
Cheat to secure point in card game CRIBBAGE
Cliques in the Lords -- they've much in common PEERGROUPS
Cover story with article inside CANOPY
Demand and get payment absolutely right EXACT
Deteriorating and becoming a drug-taker GOINGTOPOT
Duke Ellington's mood? INDIGO
I complain when she comes over NAOMI
Clues Answers
I spy lads going round in spectacles DISPLAYS
In the finish bravery is cheered ENCOURAGED
It's sure to upset an employer USER
Maintained a five-nil lead over United AVOWED
One who is often up for trial TESTPILOT
One's put in by an attendant APPEARANCE
Professional comes in to introduce new generation REPRODUCTION
Put in a drink, it could knock Argonauts out ANGOSTURA
Radio users may get faulty set in ships LISTENERS
Small containers which eliminate waste SEWERS
Solid achievement by an artist SCULPTURE
The last section to have a complaint in mind TAILEND
Travels far and makes one's mark in the world Goesalongway
Went back to secure an advantage over a fellow player? UPSTAGED
You may be surprised if they are arched EYEBROWS