New York Times - Apr 9 2015

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Clues Answers
'Arabian Nights' prince AHMED
'Auld Lang Syne' writer BURNS
'Awesome!' SWEET
'F' on a test FALSE
'In your dreams!' HAH
'They say' it in Spain, in an old Andrews Sisters hit SISI
'Well, obviously' TELLMESOMETHINGT
Against a thing, legally INREM
Andean article UNA
Bad marks in high school? ACNE
Biblical outcast LEPER
Brown-eared comics character ODIE
Cat with tufted ears LYNX
Citation abbr ETAL
Clacton-on-Sea's county ESSEX
Contents of three squares in this puzzle, per an old comedy routine BASES
Cynic's lack HOPE
Darts and hearts GAMES
Decorates TRIMS
Diagonal spar SPRIT
Dict. versions EDS
Did nothing SATIDLE
Down SAD
Dropped the ball ERRED
Feel the loss of MOURN
For whom David played the harp SAUL
Frank ___, two-time Best Director Oscar winner LLOYD
General transportation? STEED
Half-moon, e.g PHASE
How most babies come out HEADFIRST
Iced ___ LATTE
Image of Pluto, say CEL
Instances when service isn't perfect? LETS
It gets more than its fair share of jokes EASYTARGET
Kind of knife GINSU
Lagos-to-Dar es Salaam dir ESE
Clues Answers
Larva, e.g STAGE
Lead to CAUSE
Lead-in to some surprising news GUESSSECOND
Like some contracts ORAL
Make keen WHET
Not be definitive HEDGE
Notable tower, for short AAA
Nuclear plant unit RAD
One jumping through hoops, maybe LION
One, in Austria EINS
Originate HATCH
Part of FiOS OPTIC
Pawnshops and such RESELLERS
Pen part NIB
Petrova of tennis NADIA
Poetic preposition ERE
Point on the field? CLEAT
Prefix with science OMNI
Psychiatry writer R. D. ___ LAING
Quaker ___ Bran OAT
Roman soldier LEGIONARY
Start of an attorney's conclusion IREST
Strike zone? LANE
Subway power source THIRDRAIL
Surge protector? LEVEE
The Indians regularly beat them TOMTOMS
Thing on a ring GEM
Tiny adjustment to an atomic clock LEAPSECOND
Tryptophan or leucine AMINOACID
Veet rival NAIR
White House chief of staff after Rahm Emanuel PETEROUSE
Woman's name that's an anagram of a man's name EDNA
You might hold it by a trash can NOSE
___ León (Mexican state) NUEVO