L.A. Times Daily - Apr 6 2015

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Clues Answers
"Dirty Jobs" host Mike ROWE
"How relaxing!" AAH
"Let me think ... " HMM
"So long" BYE
*Manhattan site of Strawberry Fields CENTRALPARK
*Prepare for printing TYPESET
*Untrustworthy, as a business FLYBYNIGHT
*Word processor error finder SPELLCHECK
640 acres: Abbr SQMI
Aquafresh tube letters ADA
Ascended RISEN
Bank (on) RELY
Barnyard perch ROOST
Big laugh YUK
Bit of luck BREAK
Bone, in Italian OSSO
Brother of Moses AARON
Bygone Ford division, for short MERC
Car sticker abbr MSRP
China's Zhou __ ENLAI
Chore list heading TODO
Comforter to get comfy in QUILT
Complain KVETCH
County Kerry's isle EIRE
Course that's good for one's GPA EASYA
Death Valley's is the lowest in North Amer ELEV
Deep chasm ABYSS
Did some smooching NECKED
Didn't hold water LEAKED
Filled (in), as a comic strip INKED
Frog's kiddie-lit friend TOAD
Glue in a hobbyist's kit EPOXY
Greenish-blue AQUA
Group after boomers GENX
Guy's partner GAL
Halloween costume part MASK
Having five sharps, musically INB
High-speed highway PIKE
Clues Answers
Homer's nice neighbor NED
Italian ball game BOCCE
Longtime employee LIFER
Made of oak, e.g WOODEN
Making, as a knot TYING
Mammoth feature TUSK
MGM rival RKO
Michelangelo masterpieces PIETAS
Oil gp. with 12 member nations OPEC
One from Nairobi KENYAN
Overabundance EXCESS
Papa's partner MAMA
Password creator USER
Petty quarrel SPAT
Place for koi POND
Prefix with distant EQUI
Process for selecting theatrical performers, and a hint to the first word of the answers to starred clues CASTINGCALL
Pumps or clogs SHOES
Put on a pouty face SULK
Similar to LIKE
Small swallow SIP
Stately shade trees ELMS
Stitched up SEWN
Sunburn soother ALOE
Swedish furniture chain IKEA
Tallied, with "up" RACKED
Talmud expert RABBI
Teary-eyed WEEPY
Temporary calm LULL
Thin piece of change DIME
Tokyo shopping district GINZA
Ultimate conclusion UPSHOT
Unreturnable serve ACE
Utter madness LUNACY
Woodworking tool ADZE
Yard event SALE
Young horse COLT
__ out a living EKE