- Apr 5 2015

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Clues Answers
''Dear sir or __ . . .'' MADAM
''Don't RAIN on My Parade'' show FUNNYGIRL
''Jeopardy!'' owner SONY
''The Prince of Tides'' actor NOLTE
''The RAIN in Spain'' musical MYFAIRLADY
''Welcome to Maui!'' ALOHA
''Where there's __ . . .'' AWILL
1983 Indy 500 winner SNEVA
A single time ONCE
AMA members DRS
Bahrain official language ARABIC
Bath bubbles SUDS
Big name in small suits SPEEDO
Bona fide VALID
Break (off) SNAP
Brewery supply YEAST
Broke the news to TOLD
Cabinet div DEPT
Cafe customer EATER
CCLI doubled DII
Certain sculptures NUDES
Chinese zodiac animal RAT
Choir voice SOPRANO
City on the Erie Canal UTICA
Close to the ground LOW
Coddled BABIED
Cope with change ADAPT
Corporate fiscal mgrs CFOS
Desert abruptly SKIPOUTON
Doctrine CREDO
Does business DEALS
Ebenezer epithet BAH
Eerie feeling DEJAVU
Elbowroom SPACE
Escaped from EVADED
Eur. speedometer reading KPH
Exist ARE
Facsimile REPLICA
Family nickname SIS
Farm-related prefix AGRI
Farmyard abode STY
Fiesta target PINATA
Finely honed ACUTE
Fit to serve ABLE
Flooring specialist TILER
Flying formation VEE
Fragment SNIPPET
Frat letters RHOS
French article LES
French cocktail KIR
Frustration exclamation AWMAN
German tennis great GRAF
Grant permission SAYYES
Grassy clump SOD
Headliner STAR
Hemingway nickname ERNIE
Hoffman's brother in ''RAIN Man'' TOMCRUISE
Hot under the collar MAD
Hound's hotel KENNEL
Impose, as a tax LEVY
In the course of ALONG
Indian flatbread NAAN
Indications SIGNS
Is of __ (helps) USETO
Jeans material DENIM
Jousting weapon LANCE
Jousting weapons MACES
Ladderlike SCALAR
Large quantity SLEW
Large shrimp PRAWN
Latin ballroom dances MAMBOS
Clues Answers
Lead actor in ''Singin' in the RAIN'' GENEKELLY
Lentil holder BEANPOD
Life story, for short BIO
List-shortening abbr ETAL
Llama habitat ANDES
Lock of hair TRESS
Making a flub ERRING
Morality tales PARABLES
Most pleasant NICEST
Most recent LAST
Name on peanut butter cups REESES
On the __ (fleeing) LAM
Pack and send SHIP
Paged (through) LEAFED
Paranormal ability ESP
Part of EU UNION
Parting words GOODBYES
Piece of roast beef SLICE
Place for mascara LASH
Pre-holiday times EVES
Pretentious ARTY
Quick message NOTE
Race by GOFAST
Reddish brown RUST
Resorts with hot springs SPAS
Road with a no RTE
Sask. or PEI PROV
Self-help icon Carnegie DALE
Singapore's continent ASIA
Slam-dancing arena MOSHPIT
Slopes fanatic SKIBUM
Southwestern RAIN dancers HOPIINDIANS
Start-up capital SEEDMONEY
Stinging remarks BARBS
Storage spot SHED
Stun gun TASER
Suffix for verb OSE
Summer cottage, perhaps RENTAL
Take a little from, as savings DIPINTO
Tank cover ARMOR
Taxing org IRS
Temperamental performer DIVA
Thought-provoking DEEP
Took a shine to LIKED
Tool for prying CROWBAR
Train track RAIL
Trample STEPON
Turn suddenly SWERVE
TV host Kelly RIPA
USMC truant AWOL
Was aware of KNEW
Wash the floor again REMOP
Wedding worker DEEJAY
Wet dirt MUD
What acid RAIN has elevated levels of HYDROGENIONS
When many go to lunch ATNOON
Whiny music genre EMO
Whirlpool alternative AMANA
Window coverings BLINDS
Without a warranty ASIS
Wool fabric TWEED
Workshop array TOOLS
World Cup cheer OLE
WWI battle site MARNE
Zellweger of ''Chicago'' RENEE
__ facto IPSO
__ Tin Tin RIN