New York Times - Apr 5 2015

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Clues Answers
'A Clockwork Orange' protagonist ALEX
'I *finally* got it!' DUH
'I got it!' AHA
'Leave!' GONOW
'No, you really must!' IINSIST
'One ... two ... three ...,' in a gym REPS
'So what?' WHOCARES
'___ you even listening?' ARE
1/100 of a peseta CENTIMO
101, say INTRO
7/11 product? QUOTIENT
Adhered (to) HEWED
Affix carelessly SLAPON
Afflicts AILS
Amaretto ingredients ALMONDS
Appraises VALUES
As well as AND
Asian wild ass ONAGER
Ayatollah's speech FARSI
Baseball V.I.P.s GMS
Begin's opposite? SADAT
Best-selling children's series '___ Jackson & the Olympians' PERCY
Big dos AFROS
Bond holder? ATOM
Book that needs to be read word for word? ROGETS
Brick worker's tools TROWELS
British Invasion band THEM
Bugs someone? MELBLANC
Bully, at times TAUNTER
Capital on the Atlantic RABAT
Classic roadsters MGS
Claymation dog GROMIT
Coming or going, say GERUND
Common address start HTTP
Cooperated with AIDED
Corporate department SALES
County div TWP
Crime of those in Dante's second circle LUST
Crucial KEY
Cut (off) SAW
Cut (off) LOP
Dampens WETS
Deceives CONS
Deficit, informally HOLE
Deuce preceder, maybe ADIN
Duke rival, for short UNC
Example from 18th-century history BLIGHBOUNTY
Example from 20th-century history SMITHTITANIC
Example from advertising CRUNCHGUPPY
Example from classic American literature AHABPEQUOD
Example from fantasy literature HOOKJOLLYROGER
Example from sci-fi literature NEMONAUTILUS
Example from television KIRKENTERPRISE
Explorer Meriwether ___ LEWIS
Fearsome birds ROCS
Flee LAM
Flora and fauna BIOTA
Game center? TAC
Get running smoothly, in a way DEBUG
Get together AMASS
Gist NUB
Golden ___ AGERS
Helpful household pets RATTERS
Hist. or Eng SUBJ
Home of Faa'a International Airport TAHITI
In good ___ STEAD
It could go either way EVENBET
Clues Answers
Ixnay VETO
Japanese 94-Across OBI
Keepers of appointments, for short PDAS
Kind of ceiling DEBT
Kindle, e.g EREADER
Kit ___ bar KAT
Least mad SANEST
Letters in the Greek spelling of 'Parthenon' NUS
Lightly pound KNOCKON
Lively dances JIGS
Louse's place, in Robert Burns's 'To a Louse' BONNET
Many a fed. holiday MON
Metaphorical example from poetry LINCOLNUSA
Michigan rival, for short OSU
Moderate TEMPER
Much-vilified food TWINKIE
Ne'er-do-wells ROGUES
On the left, for short DEM
One who aims to hit singles? CUPID
Party time, for short BDAY
Picking up strength, for short? ESP
Pleasant inflection LILT
Point of sharpest vision FOVEA
Polished off ATE
Post-Civil War Reconstruction, e.g ERA
Postal abbr RTE
Prefix with system ECO
Property unit HECTARE
Quarters of a Quarter Pounder OUNCES
Queen's attendant ANT
Relatively recent NEWISH
Religious journey HAJ
Schlemiels LOSERS
Scoundrel CUR
See 108-Across IPODS
See 8-Down TOWER
See 97-Across SASH
Some 99-Down NANOS
Some beans SOYS
Some fingerprints LATENTS
Some Halloween decorations WEBS
Some trilogies SAGAS
Sony video recorder BETACAM
Summer pants CAPRIS
Takes marks off ERASES
Talking during a movie, e.g NONO
Treasonous groups CABALS
Twilight, poetically GLOAMING
Unbelievable, say LAME
Union union AFLCIO
Up side? YEAS
Walk quietly PAD
Watch over RESEE
Watchmaker's tool LOUPE
Welcome, perhaps ASKIN
Went (for) OPTED
When repeated, classic song with the lyric 'Sayin' we gotta go, yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah' LOUIE
White's partner SAJAK
With 18-Down, structure that gets less stable with time JENGA
With formal properness PRIMLY
Word of regret SHOULDA
Words before a date USEBY
Yellow-and-white flowers OXEYES
___ de leche DULCE
___ League ARAB
___ Period (part of Japanese history) EDO
___ regni ANNO
___-breath BABYS