The Telegraph - TOUGHIE CROSSWORD NO: 1,370 - Apr 1 2015

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Clues Answers
A paper kept by dish for nurse LOOKAFTER
Arrogance first to last in ill-fated time IDES
At present, initiate is taking in piano chiefly FORTHEMOSTPART
Biscuit, favoured thing with bridge players PETITFOUR
Dish cooked best for e.g. a number no longer available BEEFSTROGANOFF
Exalt architecture in part or section of church ALTAR
Fellows in fancy store vacated establishment avoiding traffic? OFFSTREET
Florid or pretentious suits principally characterise them? FOPS
Fold clipped in suit PLEA
Foreign commander this month is opposed AGAINST
Indolence after working? DOLCEFARNIENTE
Liquor taken up, not soft, suggestive of past RETRO
Meat the writer avoided in old hotel? It could be ruddy when minced OATH
Odd characters in home seen corruptly in tangle ENMESH
Clues Answers
Outline clubs playing matches abroad? CONTOUR
Peer and lawyer gripped Left and Right by unknown passage in parliamentary item EARLYDAYMOTION
Penitent about church in spells etc? SORCERY
Pride got worse showing off degree in selfish display EGOTRIP
Restaurant is going after collapse by southern lake ROTISSERIE
Scholar favoured master that's developed standard MAINSTREAM
Slough's put on pictures showing American actor BOGART
Small spaniel finds boxes ELFIN
Sound of Asian wave? It's decisive TIEBREAKER
Source of strength gone in Rome sadly ENGINEROOM
Tearful female returning home with award NIOBE
Trainee one after another addressed INTERN
Where there's a display of uniform diamonds undergoing recovery? ONTHEMEND
Work out depth of water FATHOM