Canadiana - Nov 26 2007

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Clues Answers
Air current DRAFT
AM or FM performer DJ
Amazes AWES
Animate ALIVE
At par EQUAL
Bullish remark? BAWL
Canadian ___? EH
Cheat GYP
Closes SHUTS
Corporate exec. CEO
Dashing RAKISH
Deli offering BLT
Eggs OVA
Employ USE
Falsify LIE
Fertility goddess RHEA
Food additive abbr. MSG
Formerly ERST
Galilean town CANA
Glacier feature ICE
Guarded COY
Hawaiian dish POI
Holstered weapon SIDEARM
Ice fishing _____ SHACK
Ice _____ CREAM
Ice _____ BOAT
Ice ______ SKATE
Ice _______ HOUSE
Ice _______ FISHING
Intimidate COW
Is unsuccessful FAILS
Letters denoting clairvoyance ESP
Clues Answers
Manitoba, in a way MB
Mauna ____ LOA
Moults SHEDS
Mrs Ruff REE
Multitude HOST
Negatives NOS
Newfoundland's Smallwood JOEY
NHL offiicial REF
Obligation DEBT
Ontario Freeway, colloquially QE
Pigeon place LOFT
Pinnacle ACME
Play on words PUN
Present HERE
Printer's concern EMS
Queen's Plate, for one RACE
Responds REACTS
Retirement investments, for short RSPS
Shade tree ELM
Ships' wheels HELMS
Small antelope ORIBI
Sugar ____ CUBE
Trudeau monogram PET
Weaves TATS
Wheat field feature SWATH
Where life begins? FORTY
Whitney, for one ELI
Wind dir. SSE
_____ ice BLACK
______ ice CURLING
_______ ice CRUSHED