USA Today - Feb 13 2015

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Clues Answers
"Neither snow ___ rain . . ." NOR
2,000 pounds TON
53-Across is one ESTER
90-degree building addition ELL
A note on the music scale SOL
Aardvark snack ANT
About-face UTURN
Acclaim ECLAT
Ballpark figure? TALENTSCOUT
Bedouin NOMAD
Being in a lamp GENIE
Brass instrument CORNET
Capital of Ghana ACCRA
Child's reward, often HUG
Clear plastic overlay ACETATE
Coastal recess INLET
Common Market ltrs EEC
Common tree ELM
Crosstown, for one BUS
Delete ERASE
Devoted to God PIOUS
Dukakis of films OLYMPIA
Durable wood OAK
Eggy seasonal drink NOG
Eldrick's nickname TIGER
Elected period TERM
Encrypts ENCODES
Eyelid afflictions STYES
Fabled tale teller AESOP
Feathered, swift strider EMU
Function USE
Got smart WISEDUP
Hunky vessel? DORY
Identical thing CLONE
In a shrewd manner SAGACIOUSLY
Info at LAX ETA
Ireland's nickname ERIN
Is in a line WAITS
Clues Answers
It will shock you TASER
Italian wine center ASTI
Letter through a filter EMAIL
Like a saved chair TAKEN
Like fish GILLED
Like many fifth-graders TEN
Like some letters to the editor IRATE
Lofty poem ODE
Nut on a wheel LUG
Only place great teams are unbeatable ONPAPER
Pegs in the ground TEES
People move with it VAN
Piano practice piece ETUDE
Place highlighting a needle SEATTLE
Place to find weird stuff NOVELTYSHOP
Poison shrub SUMAC
Postgrad grillings ORALS
Prepare for printing, once TYPESET
Prohibited TABOO
Send packing LETGO
Shoplifts STEALS
Show to be false BELIE
Sky-bound bear URSA
Sleuth, in slang TEC
So far ASYET
Solitary figure? ONE
Stores post-cremation INURNS
Swim contest MEET
Texas-to-New York dir ENE
Treeless plain LLANO
U.N. human rights agcy ILO
Valuable rock ORE
Whitney the inventor ELI
Wooden shoe SABOT
Word preceding "capita" PER
Zodiac's meat eater LEO