Jonesin' - Feb 12 2015

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Clues Answers
'48 ___' (Eddie Murphy movie) HRS
'Aloha Oe' instruments, for short UKES
'Better Call Saul' star Odenkirk BOB
'Hit the bricks!' SCRAM
'I finally got it!' OHH
'I ___ real American...' (Hulk Hogan theme lyric) AMA
'Let's suppose that...' WHATIF
'Perfect Strangers' cousin BALKI
'That was ___, this is now' THEN
'That's ___ can stand!' ALLI
'The pain reliever hospitals use most,' its old ads said TYLENOL
'You've Got Mail' ISP AOL
'___ Gratia Artis' (MGM motto) ARS
'___ Punk!' (movie about punk rock in Utah) SLC
1860s White House nickname ABE
1974 Charles Bronson classic DEATHWISH
Ali of 'Love Story' MACGRAW
Baseball great Ernie Banks's nickname MRCUB
Category GENRE
Coffee shop connection FREEWIFI
Company supplying vans and cardboard boxes UHAUL
Concorde's letters SST
Criminal's alter egos, briefly AKAS
Debt repaid in regular payments over time TERMLOAN
Desert that means 'desert' in Arabic SAHARA
Dextrous start AMBI
English horn relatives OBOES
Folded food OMELET
Former Cabinet member Donna SHALALA
Freedom from worry EASE
From ___ (at some distance) AFAR
Gabor of 'Green Acres' EVA
Got 100% on ACED
Grade alongside the review 'These Mick Jagger chewables are the worst'? FSTONESVITAMINS
Group including only elements number #13 and #2? ALHEFAMILY
Inseparable pair, for short BFFS
It's a long story SAGA
Clues Answers
Jamaica's Ocho ___ RIOS
Jerome Bettis's team, during the move RAMS
Jukebox selection SONG
Keep from trespassing on STAYOFF
Lacking energy ANEMIC
Leather color TAN
Lets out EXHALES
Like some vaccines and exams ORAL
Los Estados Unidos, for example NACION
Many toothpastes GELS
Marijuana producer GROWER
Middle daughter on 'Downton Abbey' EDITH
More mentally there SANER
Most in need of a bath FILTHIEST
NFL ball carriers FBS
Nissan SUV with an earthy name XTERRA
NPR's Shapiro ARI
Of ___ (so to speak) ASORT
One of the simple machines SCREW
Phobia FEAR
Pinto or garbanzo BEAN
Quarterback known for kneeling TEBOW
Raised sculptures RELIEFS
Rowing machine unit ERG
See 5-Across RACE
Sports entertainment gp. founded by Ted Turner (and defunct by 2001) WCW
Stuff in the trap LINT
Swindling of a UK football club? CHELSEACON
Two-tone treat OREO
Used a Breathalyzer BLEW
Website anyone can edit WIKI
Whoopi's Oscar-winning 'Ghost' role ODAMAE
Wise friend of Pooh OWL
With 6-Down, reality show 'RuPaul's ___' DRAG
___ Ishii ('Kill Bill' character played by Lucy Liu) OREN
___ polloi (commoners) HOI
___-slipper (orchid variety) LADYS